Highlights: Chelsea 6 - 1 QPR (English Premier League -- 29/04/2012)

1' 1-0 D. Sturridge
13' 2-0 J. Terry
19' 3-0 F. Torres
25' 4-0 F. Torres
64' 5-0 F. Torres
80' 6-0 F. Malouda
84' 6-1 D. Cisse

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oli1825d ago

Di Matteo is also putting in the players that are gonna have to play in the finals, this is good for them.

hobokiller1825d ago

Yup, I think Di Matteo really deserves a permanent job at Chelsea after all he's done.

freeduck1825d ago

Awful defending.
Really hope they get relegated.

Mozilla891825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Looks like he's finally got some confidence back. Scoring in a semi-final against one of the best teams in the world will do that to you!


Oh and excellent job with the highlights too, one video AND in English!

FootballZilla1825d ago

yeh, maybe hes confidence is going up..

MaximusPrime1825d ago

Torres is gaining confident. His hat-trick showed that. Well played.

Yep QPR had very poor defending.

Oh and finally nice scream, Cisse.

freeduck1825d ago

lol he hasn't changed since his days at Liverpool. I think he forgot what the score was

silvacrest1825d ago

poor play by QPR from the very beginning

nice to see torres get his first blue hat trick

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