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FootballZilla2237d ago

Radamel Falcao why did you leave Porto..

What a player..

GanjaMan2237d ago

falcaos a badman n i read somewhere ages ago (when avb was around in summer) that he turned down a move to chelsea n went to madrid!

badz1492237d ago

he's good! congrats to Atletico Madrid

kulka2237d ago

Falcao is just brillant worth every penny of that 40 million Athletic paid for him

Gamer19822236d ago

He has done well for them they spent the Aguero money well!

doncorleone2237d ago

2 straight Europa league for Falca with 2 different teams...He is incredible! Great match from both teams even thought the score line doesn't favors Bilbao. Atletico Madrid deserves this title!

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mynameisq2236d ago

Fully deserved to win on the night, Falcao is immense when he gets anywhere near the box! But winning the hearts of football fans can be just as important as trophies and i'm sure we all have a soft spot for Bilbao and their brand of football after watching them this season, I know other fans love them simply for what they did to us at Old Trafford :P Munian will surely become one of the worlds best players soon, his final ball let him down a few times but he was one of the few Bilbao players who actually fought for the ball and tried to play his normal game

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