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Man United set to make sensational move for Arsenal star

Manchester United are lining up a sensational move for Arsenal skipper Robin van Persie.

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Gamer19822080d ago

Not gonna happen purely based on he has said if he was to leave Arsenal he wants to go abroad. Plus he would be at least 40 million and lets be fair will they pay that for him? Probably not..

Blackdeath_6632080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

man utd are richest club in the world, money is not an issue. i doubt van persie would leave arsenal to go to another club in the premier league that seems silly, he might aswell go abroad.

buddymagoo2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

We are the Rich old man in football that doesn't like to spend his money. We will, only when we have to though.

Gamer19822078d ago

Thats in value mate thats not how much they have to spend especially with their owners. Without getting out the groups of CL not winning the title that's a total loss over 60+ million. Considering how much they normally spend thanks to there less than generous owner I cannot see them wanting to blow a crap load of cash on this guy. I instead see them asking Ferguson to find a shrewd bargain something he is good at.

buddymagoo2078d ago

we have 100m spare in the transfer kitty it is in the account reports.