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Manchester City: £930m to rule the English game

Manchester City have spent £930.4 million turning themselves into Premier League title contenders, a special Telegraph Sport survey of English football’s finances has revealed.

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Golden_Dive2234d ago


Gamer19822233d ago

You need to grow up you do. It's not like other teams haven't spent to buy titles in the past and it seems Telegraph has a real biased writer on their books right now. If you think other wise your deluding yourself.

That it one ludicrous sum though. I mean City has spent about 300 million on players since being taken over so where the hell has that figure figure come from?

Golden_Dive2232d ago

Your Club Is A Joke - The player are mostly for the $$$ and everytime these qatar founders keep adding $ to player wages

Not FUN when your spurs newcastle man u or arsenal - at least the play for the hearts - even chelsea been doing that - Took You 3 /4 Season to get the Title Your pathetic club needs

Wish this could of happened to the 19th centuries Leeds United --

Lmao , Grow up? What are you going do bout that point .. You Idoit lol -

KingPin2233d ago

well, they might have bought it now, thats for sure.

lets see in 3 years time where they sitting.

i bet you my left testicle MUFC will still be in the top 5 while MC wont. money and inexperienced man-children can only take you so far for so long.