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New 2012-2013 Liverpool Kit

Liverpool Football Club is delighted to reveal its brand new home kit for the 2012-13 Barclays Premier League season.

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Sahil2234d ago

Best kit in a long while!

Well done Warrior, I'm burning to get my hands on one of these!

NewMonday2234d ago

don't like it much, they look like supermarket clerks with shorts

Corepred42234d ago

It's a little too simple. I don't know what but it's missing something. They're okay though. Better than anything I've seen from Nike so far.

PaPa-Slam2233d ago

It's your opinion i respect that, but i didn't like them.

I didn't like most of the team new Jersey's.

Gamer19822233d ago

How can you laugh looking at that picnic cloth your going to be wearing next season? This is actually a nice kit unlike that vile think United have announced.

Kopite_20202229d ago

Me thinks buddymagoo may have a slight bias, and in reply to "Dalglish lol" we don't stage protests and wear daft scarves against Dalglish, in fact I doubt that if I asked why a fan was wearing a green and yellow scarf I'd get a response detailing their dissatisfaction with how the club is being run and their foresight into the complex underlying financial implications imposed by such management, more likely "because everyone else is doing it, just like my reason for supporting the club in the first place". //rant

Sp3Ci4LK4Y2234d ago

Why are most of the top clubs putting some old skool in their kits? I could easily design better kits if someone paid me.

LolololRumz2234d ago

I actually quite like the kit, it's simple. I think Warrior have played the safety card which I'll give them seeing as it's their first kit.

But for the people laughing at Warrior Sports, it's 25mil a year in our pocket (Just depends on how we spend it...)

freeduck2234d ago

I like it, nice change from the one we had for a few seasons now. Maybe Warrior jerseys can give us a bit of luck we need

Golden_Dive2234d ago

Alot of luck , not a bit LMFAO hahahahahaha

Minimox162234d ago

Well liverpool stats show that they are the team with most time on the rival side, but also the one that need more shot to get a goal. maybe the bit of luck liverpool need was to put the ball inside of goal post on all of the opportunities xD.

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