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‘Real Madrid are the best club in football history’ says Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho was delighted after his La Liga winning team made history on Sunday.

The Spanish champions became the first side to record 100 points or more in a single season as they finished their brilliant domestic campaign with a 4-1 home win over Mallorca.

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Nes_Daze2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Please, first win champions league, liga, and copa del rey altogether then talk.

wantedboys2166d ago

La Liga 32 times the best in spain and 100 points

the only club that have 9 champion league

Real Madrid is the best football history

when brace have 32 la Liga and 9 champion league then talk about win champions league, liga, and copa del rey altogether

Nes_Daze2166d ago

Okay, my turn, Barca has more copa del rey titles and more trophies in total than Real Madrid.

He sure is delighted about winning the league, with such a squad it took them a while. Let's see if they can actually hold on to it and do what barca did.

wantedboys2166d ago

are u comparing La Liga trophies with copa del rey and yes u have more trophies because u have u won small trophies like super cup but we have more important trophies than brace ever have

Nes_Daze2166d ago

I'm comparing la liga trophies with all other trophies you can possibly get. A trophy is a trophy nonetheless, winning a champions league, copa del rey, and liga is SOMETHING. At the end of the day they add up.

Corepred42166d ago

No Nes. No. "a trophy is a trophy" REALLY?? I mean I know you're a big Barca fan but you can't possibly believe that. Cause if you believe that are you saying that these two trophies are equal?

Cause I'm sure a lot of players would trade one for the other. Maybe even trade one for at least the league cup.

wantedboys2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Best in the world

DixieNormS2166d ago

32 ligas. Sounds like the Yankees. Makes a sport boring. In exception to their fans that is.

XboxInnovation2166d ago

I'd say ac Milan is because they have the most international trophies and I think most runner ups in CL and compete in a much more competitive league that has at least 3 or 4 teams on their level not just one, so 18 league trophies is still impressive.

doncorleone2166d ago

Hard to argue with him on that point :D

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