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Mourinho: Cristiano Ronaldo must win the Ballon d'Or because Messi's goals counted for nothing

The Portuguese is adamant that his compatriot deserves the accolade because the 27-year-old forward played such an integral role in the club's title success.

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Corepred42226d ago

The goals scored by Messi was crazy impressive. Then again Mourinho has a point. I'm sure though EUFA will side with Messi.

krazykombatant2226d ago

As much as it stands now, messi will probably win it just because.

2223d ago
KingPin2225d ago

like i said before Ronaldo can score all the goals he wants, if he doesn't win the champions league, Messi's name will be on it by default. its how UEFA work.

Sahil2225d ago

70 goals in one season, Seventy!

DixieNormS2226d ago

Stupidest comment ever. IMHO. He still won 4 cups this year.

krazykombatant2226d ago

the supercup, the world cup of clubs and.... what else??? unless you're counting ahead of copa del rey.

Supercup is meh and so is world cup of clubs. no 1 could give a hoot.

oli2226d ago

Messi's goals meant nothing?
...They got Barca to 2nd place.

oli2226d ago

its 2nd place, but mourinho acts like it really doesn't mean a thing, 2nd place takes you to champions league.

Anderson82223d ago

every winner knows 2nd means nothing.. may as well finish 9th

FootballZilla2226d ago

I agree with Mou. Ronaldo scored the big goal vs barca at the camp now.. messi did nothing vs chelsea.. ronaldo scored two in the game vs bayern..

Nes_Daze2225d ago

Yet Messi had more goals in the CL...point?

Dakidog2225d ago

But against who? Teams Barca can bully around any day. Messi doesn't deserve it this year, he didn't show up in the clutch games.

FootballZilla2225d ago

how did he do in the big game vs chelsea, when the pressure was on.

Nes_Daze2225d ago

Last time I checked Ronaldo missed a crucial PK against Bayern that last game. Sure, he scored two goals, but Bayern wasn't playing a counter-attack game. Second, both teams faced plenty of weak teams in the beginning of the CL, so there's no excuse for Ronaldo not having more goals than Messi. Like I said to Dakidog, I can understand if you may think Ronaldo deserves it more, that's your preference, it's Mou's comment that I find incredibly stupid, but then again he acts like a 12 yr old on and off games.

FootballZilla2225d ago

Mourinho 12 year old? Which i was like him when i was 12.

2223d ago
PaPa-Slam2226d ago

This is a Player Award not a Team Award, thus if Barca didn't won the league, it shouldn't be the reason to count Messi out, His goal were impressive & thus should win the Award.

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