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January Sales

January is the month as we all know to grab a bargain if you are out shopping down the high street or surfing the web.

The football transfer market can be a much more difficult place trying to find that bargain with players currently settled into the midpoint of the season. Players that have been unsettled (Demba Ba) in the month leading up to January and have a release clause can make it easier for a club to snap up a player at bargain (7 million) but we don't often see those.

It can also be a good month for clubs to bring freshness into their side (Everton, Jelavic) (Suarez, Liverpool) (Vidic, Man Utd) although the rewards might not be seen until the following season when a player has had time time to settle in. Sometimes it can be a mistake for clubs rushing in players (Torres, Chelsea) (Carroll, Liverpool)for exorbitant fees hoping they can solve a problem that never really needed fixing in the first place.

With the transfer market being open who would you most like to see in your respective club? A much needed striker to add depth or get those goals needed to climb up the table or push for glory? A linchpin centre half to plug up those leaky gaps at the back? Maybe a flashy winger to provide some brilliance in that last third? Or any other position that you feel needs filling in the race to the finish line?

You might be happy with your squad and want no additions, either way let us know in the comment section below.

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buddymagoo1990d ago

United need a left footed, left sided winger and I'd be happy. Not sure about Zaha but would be happy to give him a shot.

jak3y13oy1986d ago

I think that United need to get a new center back, Vidic is getting injured too much though he is back a the moment and Ferdinand is getting old!
Sure we have the likes of Evans and Smalling but i think once Ferdinand retires we should get Mats Hummels of even Mascherano! (he always goes to United in Fifa :L)

That's my opinion :)

buddymagoo1985d ago

Hummels yes Mascherano no. I really miss a left footed winger, all those years of Giggs flying down the wing has me spoilt but I think we really need one. Bale would be perfect but not happening, especially now he likes to play more through the middle.

I think Chelsea need a centre back and would really benefit from signing one in the window. Arsenal need a goalkeeper. City need to keep players fit and Liverpool need a miracle.

Nes_Daze1984d ago

I've kept an eye on Hummels for some time now, great defender, wish Barca would get him, they aren't getting anything besides that league trophy unless they buff up their defense.

buddymagoo1973d ago

I'm surprised there is not more interest in the January transfer window.