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April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!


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Goodbye, Hello

Cat|1950d ago |Blog Post|14|

Hey, guys! It's time. You've put up with me long enough. Really, truly, you can be well shot of me now - because this is my last month as your "interim site admin". I will still be here as I'm still network admin, but I think it's high time you had someone for whom you are the center of their internet world.

Jesting aside, I've really loved spending more time on 11x2, I think you're great. Ask the new guy, he can tell you all about me singing your praises. As sad as I am to give up my post and return to the grind of HAVA adminship, I'm really happy you'll have a CM worthy of you.

Beginning in March, Sidology will be your Site Admin/CM. Don't worry, you won't be starting at square one - he knows about contest history, contributing, abandonment issues... ;) Among his many on paper qualifications, he's also a really great guy. He won't let you down!*

*but if he does, I'll cut off his hair

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Sidology1950d ago

Cat just basically made the greatest threat of all towards me, so that means I *HAVE* to behave and treat you all well.

Hello, my babies, I am here to take care of you until you're all ready to fly on your own.

-Mezzo-1950d ago

I Feel Threatened. o_0

JK. Welcome Aboard. :D

Sidology1950d ago

Hello, Mezzo! I have heard a great deal about you and even know you from the abysses of N4G. A pleasure to work alongside you, and your enthusiasm and vigilance will be appreciated.

But if it comes down to fisticuffs, my only response will be "FITE ME IRL DO U EVEN LIFT"

-Mezzo-1950d ago

Thank you, I'm Humbled.

I look forward to working with you, on making 11x2 an Awesome place for Football Fans.

buddymagoo1950d ago

Nooooooooooooooo! Cat you have been fantastic and it's been nice knowing you and good luck on your future endeavours.

Sid, I've got my eyes on you buster! You have a lot to live up to.... but seriously welcome and congratulations! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Sidology1950d ago

Likewise! Happy to be here. :)

Cat1950d ago

Thanks, Buddy - I'll still be on the network, maybe I'll bore you guys with a havamedia work flow chart...

You know where to find me if that gift card doesn't show up!

karim1950d ago

Cat, how could you..
We loved you, you were chosen one..Anyway, I have to thank you because you are the one who single-handedly saved this website and I wouldn't have come back to this site if it wasn't for you..So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Yo Sidology, we're an aggressive bunch here, beware..Jk, welcome abroad and judging by your profile, you look like an Anime and IT Crowd fan so we'll probably get along well

Cat1950d ago

I'm just glad you came back!

Seriously, it's been great fun here, but I can't run the network and the sites within it well by putting too much on my plate or micromanaging. It would be detrimental to 11x2 in the long run!

Sidology1950d ago

My avatar is actually Pokémon-related, but good guess! I'm actually a huge gamer, which is how Cat and I know one another, but aside from that, I'm a casual soccer watcher, journalist, musician, and evil overlord from the future.

Cat1950d ago

With pretty, pretty hair. Like a wild pony.

karim1950d ago

Soccer? You have just committed your first sin. Anyway, hope you like it here

jak3y13oy1950d ago

Cat! Why would you do this to us! Leave us with this 'Sidology' guy!


Welcome Sidology!

Get ready for some class banter! ;D

Sidology1950d ago

Promise I ain't so bad! :3