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Diving in Football

Hey lads! jak3y13oy bringing you an interesting topic here!

Its about diving in football!

Diving is ever becoming common in games nowadays with the likes of Suarez and Bale (and many others) intentionally going down to the ground.

Obviously its is breaking a rule of the game.

But, i am more concerned that this can ruin the game as the divers are 'role models' to children and young footballers, if they see their 'role models' do it, it will encourage them to do it in their games. It ruins the game for everyone.

So i've listed a few ideas (with a little research for help) that could help prevent diving and help the officials decision whether it was a dive or not:

A extra official behind the goal.

As you may know there are officials behind the goal in European games (Champions League Europa Cup etc.) and i found this a good idea as must dives happen in and around the box.
This can help justify if the player had dived or not from a different perspective! They also have other duties such as deciding if the ball went across the line (though goal line tech is coming very soon), looking for pushes and pulls in the box and many other duties.

Live evidence footage.

This is in many sports such as tennis, cricket and rugby league so why not football?
Like with another official behind the goal it helps the referee make a judgement from another perspective. Also it is very accurate as well as they can rewind, play in slow motion and observe the scene.
Though this can stop the game flow as it may take longer than a minute which could result in 10 minutes added time at the end.

What are your guys opinions about Diving in 'The Beautiful Game'? Also what do you think about these ideas and do you have any of your own?

Thanks for reading :)


P.s Here's a video of some 'amusing' dives in 2012! :)

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Sahil1912d ago

"Diving is ever becoming common in games nowadays with the likes of Suarez and Bale intentionally going down to the ground." Source: Man United and Barca fan.

and then I stopped reading it.

Congratulations, you've just won yourself the most UNBIASED blogpost award in the entire world.

Young, Nani, Sanchez, Pedro, eh?

jak3y13oy1912d ago

i wasnt going to put every diver in the world... they were just two in my head.

Yes young, nani, pedro, sanchez, dive just as much as suarez and bale! There are loads of players!

Wernt intending to be biased because i put suarez and bale.

freeduck1911d ago

To be fair to jak3y13oy, he is one of the more unbiased Man Utd fans here on 11x2, as opposed to users like vulcanproject and buddymaggo

karim1911d ago

Agree with you but that simply won't happen..Extra officials behind the goal in European games never did any good and their lapse of judgement has always been present and about the "Live footage", I think it would ruin the beautiful game to rely heavily on technology instead of human decisions (they're refs - do their job properly) + controversy is indeed a part of the game, always has been.

IMO, to stop diving, fine/ban players after the game and they'll better about diving next time.