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Things that must change after the next newsboiler network update

I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only one fed up with the constant unfixed bugs lurking in this website.

Everyone is looking forward for the next network update and I really hope the main issues that ruin the 11x2 experience are fixed like the following:

- The Approval button becomes insanely laggy after approving some submissions.

- The search feature in the preview section is way too messed up at times and gives delayed results

- The ability for contributors to FINALLY add tags (We've been calling for this to happen since like the birth of the website!)

- Long load times. At times, it takes a painfully long time for some pages to load while other websites work just fine

- The report logo stays next to my avatar for hours even AFTER I have fixed the reported stories (This is the most annoying!)

This is all of the issues I can think of, mention other issues that bug you in the comments!

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jak3y13oy1979d ago

Totally agree with you, cant wait for the next update and i do hope this bugs are fixed! especially the approval one!

With the report logo i just click on it 2-3 times and then it goes after i fixed the report :)

So many times where there are players (especially younger players) where there is no tag.. or even some teams! Hopefully that it added soon! :D


no_more_heroes1979d ago

Another thing about the report icon: if an article is approved with an unfixed report and you didn't click on the icon twice for it to go away, then it stays flashing for THREE DAYS! Only after the three days when the report is no longer listed can you then click on it twice to get rid of it.

karim1979d ago

Like I said, most annoying thing in 11x2..

freeduck1979d ago

I agree with all these comments.