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Countdown to May - Who will win the Premier League?

As we all know, the Premier League is, arguably the best league in the world. Nearly every week, there is mouth-watering clashes between two teams that results in incredibly entertaining matches. What makes the Premier League even more competitive is the way underdogs and "small" teams play against the best in the league..Most recent memory is how Norwich fought against Manchester City a few days ago and refused to give up. We were also treated last season to some seriously amazingly entertaining games: Chelsea 3-3 Utd, Utd 4-4 Everton and who could forget Manchester United's thumping of Arsenal and Newcastle coming back from 4 down against Newcastle.

This year, the premier league has been as impressive and as competitive as ever. No one could predict what will happen in the upcoming months..Right now, United are leading and looking like Champions material with their performances (Most recently, 4-3 against Newcastle) and pretty much is saying they're going to run away with the title but I genuinely think that, at the end of may, it will end up being very, very tight between Chelsea, United and City and could be one of the most dramatic ending to the Premier League season (The most dramatic being Aguero's sensational last minute goal that clinched the title right from Manchester United's hands).

Chelsea have been playing some inspired football under Benitez lately and are looking (again) like a team who would challenge for the title and I have a feeling Chelsea will pip City, who have looked very vulnerable lately and challenge United..United will definitely drop points from now to may and Chelsea and City are ready to capitalize and obviously vice versa.

Oh, and Arsenal has been on the rise lately but I don't think anyone can see them end up as champions (no offence) since they always self destruct toward the end of the season.

Now, January is knocking and it would be interesting to see who the biggest clubs would get and how it would affect their campaign and their activity might be a huge factor in who would win the premier league this season.

My prediction: Chelsea will win it after/if they buy a striker in January (Obviously, Chelsea is my team and I would want them to win but I have a genuine feeling we might do it if we keep up this form!)

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jak3y13oy1972d ago

West Brom For Europe!


karim1972d ago

They've been in great form this season, hope they'll keep it up! Steve Clarke does wonders wherever he goes..

Nes_Daze1970d ago

I think United will win it, they've got incredible momentum, and look to be in unstoppable form. Plus, they seem to have a recipe for success up front. Chelsea look good, but are in third place and even if they do get a striker who's to say they will return with the consistency they had early this season. And City, well they just aren't looking good atm. Hopefully the table gets a good shakin early on this year. :)

karim1968d ago

After the shock QPR defeat, I have to agree..They're the most consistent side and have that never-give-up ability..Shame really, this could have been our season but you know, our board of douches just like to mess everything up.