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Things that ruin our beautiful game

Football is, undoubtedly, the greatest and most passionate sport this world has ever seen. The passion, dedication and commitment (with some exceptions) is surreal and, honestly, incomparable to some other sports and Liverpool legend Bill Shankly has summed most Football fans, players, managers, and other people related to the beautiful game in this single quote "People say Football is a matter of life and death. I can assure you, it's much more than that!"

Obviously, Football isn't without its flaws and lately, many things have been ruining this beautiful experience and making Football look ridiculous compared to other sport with its never-ending controversy.

Let's start with the main issues..

1. Diving/Cheating

Diving has always been a part of our game but the way this has escalated in recent years is worrying and the fact that neither FIFA/UEFA has punished any players for diving and cheating is appalling. I mean, when other players see how everyone is cheating and diving and getting away it, no doubt that they'll be influenced to do the same.

My solution to this is that FIFA/UEFA should wake up and sort this mess by fining/banning players after being caught cheating. Everyone will stop diving after seeing other players punished for this act.

2. Bad officiating

Bad officiating has been the main source of controversy since the creation of this sport. Lately, horrible officiating decisions have been on an all-time high, especially in English football. I still haven't witnessed an entire week of Football in the EPL without fans asking for the official's head and many times, I've been left scratching my brains out at how an official awarded or snubbed a certain decision.

Of course, everyone is human and an official is prone to make errors (however ridiculous they are, ay Ovrebo?) and this is were technology comes from to assist refs making a crucial decision but I guess this won't happen anytime soon.

3. Goal line technology

Ah, the never ending cries for goalline technology in this modern game, and we all must agree that it's simply ridiculous it hasn't been fully implemented yet..The loudest cries for it to be introduced was when Frank Lampard's bullet was over the line against Germany and nothing was allowed and of course, many other incidents have happened in the past 2 years which has directly affected results

4. Time Wasting

Time wasting has become a very common part of our game..."Hey, we're winning, why not pass the ball all the time or when we're about to get subbed, let's take a few hours walking to reach the touchline or wait dude, if we're winning, let's instruct our ballboys to waste time on purpose and while we're at it, let a player get sent off!" Okay, the last part was obviously biased from me because of the Hazard-Ballboy incident..But man, time wasting is a very frustrating part of our game

That's all, folks! Cast your opinions below on other things that irritate you while watching the game!

Edit: Players waving imaginary cards or besieging a ref to get players sent off sure is both irritating and disgraceful.

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no_more_heroes1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Yep. Pretty much that. Two other things:

1. "I didn't see it"
2. "He could have been killed"

karim1966d ago

Classic Wenger and Ferguson quotes

jak3y13oy1966d ago

Nice blog Karim!

Hopefully this issues can be resolved soon.

Goal line tech is going to be introduced next season in the BPL i heard.


karim1966d ago

Thanks Jake..I hope they'll solve some of this soon, though unlikely. Goal-line tech was implemented in the Club World Cup too!

Thefreeman0121942d ago

Gus Johnson ruins the beautiful game