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The Big Problems Of 11x2 (Hint: It's The Members)

Hello Everyone. How Are You'll Doin'.

Today i'm going to blog about the biggest problems 11x2 is facing and how the Glorious Members of 11x2 can man up and take responsibility to make it a better site.

A few months back this place was completely abandoned by it's owners and moderators, which also led to the abandoning of the site by most of it's Members. But in the last few months, that changed completely (thanks to Cat), we got a New Mod, regular updates on Monthly Competitions/Winners & Awesome-st of all, the old Tier 1 member's such as Karim, NoMoreHeroes, Mezzo etc returned.

And because of that, the monthly activity picked up dramatically.

But still, even with all these positive changes, more is needed. There are a couple of things that the regulars of 11x2 must stop and start doing immediately to ensure that 11x2 remains a quality site to visit (For Football Fans).

I'll break it all Down:

1 -- Contribute even if you're not running for a Competition.

Almost all the member are Guilty here. For example NMH, Karim are 2 of the most recognized members of 11x2 and yet they're not Approving, Submitting or Reporting, just because they're not going for this Months Prize Contest.

2 -- Approve For God's Sake,... Approve.

Visit the Failed Story section and you'll find that 9 out of 10 failed stories, failed due to the lack of approvals.

3 -- There's only 1 Moderator....And he's MIA.

Someone else must be picked a Moderator, even if our current beloved Moderator [FootballZilla] returns.

This will have a Moderator on duty to keep an eye on things at all times, plus the submissions will not fail just because they didn't got enough approvals.

4 -- Twitter Boosting Must Stop. I can understand doing it once or maybe twice every now and then, but doing it on all of your submission's.... ridiculous.

5 -- "My Precious" Highlights.

There needs to be a set of rules for the Submitting of Game Highlights, most of the times if you visit the Highlights submission, all of the Video are removed, i mean whats the point of submitting them if they're gonna be removed after 5 minutes.

I'll stop now.

This blog got much longer than i expected, i apologize for that. But we as a member should do more,... much more in order to make sure 11x2 grows into a wonderful place to be.

*Now Lets Get To It*.

[I am in no way attacking anyone here, if you were mentioned by name, it was only for references]

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Cat1912d ago

Thanks for your thoughts, PaPa-Slam!

PaPa-Slam1912d ago

My pleasure.

I contribute on many sites, but 11x2 is the one i actually care about.

jak3y13oy1912d ago

Even when the site died Myself and freeduck were still submitting stories.. even when there wasn't any competitions up!

Thanks again cat for restoring the site :D

Its annoying to see a lot of my stories failing due to no one approving.. some are on 4 approvals!

I've also noticed that the majority of submissions are mine and when you have to approve 3 stories before submitting more i cant! :L

With the highlights situation...
Its hard enough to find the videos anyway and also we cant help if they get removed once the story has been approved.. maybe if they do get removed the submitter can replace the videos for others.

I would love to be a Mod as i'm pretty much on this site everyday so yeah.. i don't mind if i don't get picked as a mod though :P

Good blog papa.. has really highlighted the key problems at the moment :)

PaPa-Slam1912d ago

I know, that is exactly how a true member should do. Sadly Freeduck is missing now.

And thanks for the compliment.

buddymagoo1912d ago

It goes like that from time to time even before you joined the site it would have very busy months then quiet ones.

It's a lot better now though with Cat around and all the competitions.

karim1912d ago

Sorry guys for not contributing this month, I'm having my midyear exams and it's consuming most of the time..Very valid point, Papa especially 3 and 4 (Ironic since I "discovered" the Twitter trick!)

buddymagoo1912d ago

I think the reward for twitter is just! If you are promoting the site on other social media then surely that deserves heat?

karim1911d ago

Think it's unfair because if you share on Google + or like on Facebook, you won't get the same amount of heat as twitter...Even tho, it's great publicity for 11x2, attracted many people when I used to share links

PaPa-Slam1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

That a valid reason, focus on your exams and come join us again soon.

@Buddy -- Valid point, but everyone should be sharing every story that deserves heat, not just their own stories. :D

-Mezzo-1912d ago

Nicely written.

If someone ever asked me to vote for a Mod, i'll either go with Karim or Jak3y.

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