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Best League in the World

I hear a lot of people mentioning the Spanish League and the Premier League, but in truth both leagues are painfully noncompetitive. The quality of football is the same but the level of entertainment PL provides is immeasurable. But every single year, it's the same clubs at the top in both leagues. In the Spanish League, everyone knows who the top two teams are, whereas for the PL you can guess the top four to six teams.

I personally feel, Bundesliga is better amongst the three leagues at the moment. Not in terms of top clubs but in terms of a league as a whole. It certainly is the most competitive. Every year you get to see fresh faces come into sight in the top four to six places. Borussia Dortmund who has had a brilliant campaign in the Champions League and clearly a class above any PL team for now only lie in third place. Yet a few seasons ago, they were fighting for survival.

The Bundesliga is much more well thought-out and well-structured than all the other leagues at this moment of time. They can be competitive without any problems of debt or ripping off fans, the stadiums are filled in every single game, even in the cup games. Just look at the league table, Eintracht Frankfurt who got relegated in 2011-11 season, are in the hunt for a CL spot this season, Bayern Leverkusen who finished 5th are in the running for the league title. Lots of ups and downs in a single year.

What do you think?

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buddymagoo2003d ago

Same could be said about the bundesliga top 5 teams every year being Bayern Munich, Borussia, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke, Wolfsburg.

Nes_Daze2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I've always thought the whole league argument was an issue of patriotism. That being said,the EPL seems more competitive, and perhaps slightly more entertaining sometimes, due to the great amount of derbies. I don't follow the Bundesliga that much to make my opinions on that, but I think it might actually be more competitive looking at the stats. Serie A is pretty interesting too, I think it comes down to pride for one's country, and opinion more than anything.