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Greetings, 11x2 faithful

Hello, I am Kyle, otherwise known as "Sidology" on some parts of the internet. I don't officially start this position until March 1st, but I figured I would go about introducing myself and giving you all a chance to criticize me to the best of your ability before it becomes a bannable offense.

But seriously, I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to entrench myself in a brand new community that, while small, has a very big collective heart. I'm glad to be part of it.

Look forward to being around you lot. :)

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karim1893d ago

Just wondering, what team do you support?

Sidology1893d ago

This is a hard question for me to answer, mostly because I am a casual fan, but typically Brazil when the opportunity arises to enjoy a match.

karim1893d ago

Any club teams you admire?

Sidology1893d ago

Asking some hard questions! Ha. No, no clubs to speak of. Again, casual fan. :)

karim1893d ago

Cat, how could you leave us with a guy like THAT? Again, just kidding..Shame you don't watch more football but since you're not a Manchester United or Barcelona fan, it's fine by me (no offence to other users)

Cat1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I'm not about to be accused of bias by appointing someone with controversial allegiances! :P

But you guys never asked me about my favorite teams, should I read into that? ;)

karim1893d ago

...I had no idea you watch Football! ( you?!)..Anyway, what's your favorite team(s)?

buddymagoo1893d ago

Don't tease, have out with it.

Cat1893d ago

US Womens National, b/c they're actually good :P

My husband's home team is DC United.

(but truly, I'm an F1 fan and just messing with you guys)

karim1893d ago

Long live Alex Morgan

buddymagoo1893d ago

It's all about Abby Wambach!

Well United is a start..

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-Mezzo-1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Welcome aboard Sir.

You're a Casual Fan, I'm a Casual Fan. You know what they say, 2 Casuals make a great Hardcore.