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Good afternoon, 11x2-ers. I come bearing an important message.

While I am not the largest of football fans available here, I am quite the purveyor of goodwill between my fellow people. I understand the nature of sports and the inherent desire for competition ingrained into our very genetic code. As such, I also know that as a result of such happenings within the world, there are bound to be debates, often escalating past the point of simply being "heated."

To put it bluntly, disrespect will not be tolerated. I understand that not all of you share the same opinion on teams, league decisions, and so forth, but there comes a point where debate devolves into bickering, which then further devolves into something far lesser.

I know I can collectively count on you to up and down vote posts and comments to basically give pats on the back or slugs in the arm, but at no point should something turn into a back and forth of childish tantrum throwing.

Use your downvotes to say that you do or don't like something. Use your bubble votes if you see someone who continually adds to a conversation, or use them to point out someone who consistently derails for their own amusement.

If you have a problem with another member, my inbox is always, ALWAYS open (surely Mezzo would say the same). If you see something I missed or can help you in any way at all, shoot me a message and, if possible, provide me a link so I can get a closer look.

To drive the point home, I once again say disrespect will not be tolerated. Debate is encouraged, personal attacks regarding an opinion are frowned upon. If you have an opinion yourself, please articulate yourself in a manner that not only commands respect, but begets it.

If not, you're in for a paddlin'.

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karim1932d ago

Excellent. This "disrespect" has only been recent on this site, and like you said, this shouldn't be tolerated..We are a peaceful community after all

-Mezzo-1932d ago

Yup, they had to be warned by the Mighty 1.

This is really a problem when Highlights of a big game is posted, like the Highlights of Real Madrid vs Man UTD posted a few days back.

karim1932d ago

The source of the problem is the Utd-Real game..The feelings were high after the game but that doesn't mean you have to attack and disrespect others because of their opinions

-Mezzo-1932d ago

Exactly, i love arguments, until they get personal.

And in that submission, they got personal.

krazykombatant1932d ago

Meh I wouldnt certainly say conversations have been going past heated, the usual problem of discussion s online dont know what people mean to say, anyways, ill always take the piss whenever something hilarious happens, those without a sense of humour can tell me off.

Some of the bandwagon man u fans just cant handle some banter and resort to name calling users who have been here way longer. Its all fine and fair till they start asking for them to be kick off the site.

Im more than happy for sensible discussion but some people.

I wont say anything else before I get another comment restriction.;)

Sidology1932d ago

This does not pertain to any situation that has taken place on the site, but I am saying that I would like to establish a certain ideology of respect among users so that we can all communicate to one another without resorting to childishness.

No hard feelings about your time out, mmkay? You seem like a good guy, but as far as putting people in their place, I think that's where your moderators and admins come into play for the end result. :)

krazykombatant1932d ago

Haahaha fair enough, ill try to keep the insults to a minimum next time.
But as the others stated match of that magnitude will almost always spark arguments

Nes_Daze1930d ago

I'm glad you're attentive about this, there are users who go past a certain line,and this should make them think twice about insulting fans of other teams.