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Sigh... For some reason everyone forgets the first half of the season, in which Chelsea were far and away the most entertaining and dominant team in the league. Also, for being so 'boring', it's funny how Chelsea have outscored the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, and United.

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Could be. Could also be another 4-0 win for Atletico again just like last month.

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No way this is a red. Luiz elbowing Costa and then later Costa shoving Marquinhos should however have both been reds.

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If their great form continues, I can't see Liverpool getting anything less than top 4, they were great today. On a sidenote, this was a BIG result for Chelsea as well. 5 points clear at the top with a game in hand.

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United have been a mess this season, I'm surprised to see them in the top 4 (but then again most teams have been wank this season). Falcao has been worse than Torres, RvP is past it, Rooney is wasted playing in midfield, and Di Maria has been one of the most unexciting signings of the summer.

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Luiz was the 3rd best CB at Chelsea last season yet he somehow manages to be on the list... Hell I can think of 10 defenders off the top of my head that deserve a spot more than him.

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"Everyone talks about pressure but that is Manchester City or Chelsea - when you spend that sort of money and expect to win the league," said Rodgers. "I don't think there is pressure on ourselves, only what we have from within. Look at Tottenham ... [when] you spend over £100m you'd expect to be challenging for the league."

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I don't blame you haha. After the reactions you guys got from Liverpool fans last season, make fun of them all you want now.

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Agreed. Had it not been for Smalling United could have walked away with all 3 points.

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"Jose Mourinho has laid his failure to win the Champions League with Real Madrid at the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo."

This is the first sentence of the article .

Below is the actual comment by mourinho :

"I've been in several semi-finals too and some defeats were especially hard to take, such as the goal that did not exist against Liverpool [during his first Chelsea spell] in 2005 or on penalties in 2012 when our first-cho...

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I just remembered what having a competent striker feels like, and man, it feels good. 7 goals in 4 games, absolutely extraordinary for Costa.

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Mourinho is in the illuminati

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No Di Maria no party

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It's funny. Clubs like City and PSG get blasted for incessant spending, but Real are forgiven because they have "history"...

Anyways, this purchase doesn't make much sense unless either Isco and/or Di Maria are leaving. Why else would Madrid buy 2 number 10's this summer when they already have one in Isco?

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It is. On Playstation Dempsey is wearing the USA national kit.

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I've heard rumors that Chelsea were also looking to get Tiago from Atletico on a free transfer. Would be hilarious if 4 players from Atletico go to Chelsea.

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Will Sanchez be playing on the right until Walcott is fit again? Or will Wenger be playing him at the front in place of Giroud?

Arsenal's attack looks lethal, but Giroud to me, and many arsenal fans I know, has been rather unimpressive...

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So considering this is the third time he bit someone, I take it he won't be learning his lesson anytime soon...

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He did. I hate how some people are calling him a traitor for moving to Chelsea. He's not the one that betrayed arsenal, they betrayed him if anything. He wanted to leave Barca but Arsenal didn't want him, so he went with the second best choice, Chelsea.

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