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Not at all!! Don`t blame the ref for that desission. It was correct desission

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An entertaining match where bayern deserved victory! It will be a tremendous return settlement, but I think bayern will take the longest straw. They want so mutch playing the final "home"

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Yes City have bought a lot of players and someone call them "a buying team". But now they are fighting for titles as they haven`t done in years..... Bad sunday for Cityfans but the title-race is not over yet, although it now looks tough.

Still some points to fight for

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someone who doubt Zlatan. He is back and showed us today that he is important player! 2 assist,1 goal and playing great together with Robinhio.

Maybe it is the CL winners we saw today!

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Diouf and Moa on top. Will scores a lot of goals 2nd part of the season

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2011-12 should have been Uniteds best year, everybody talking about a revenge against Barca in CL and a new PL victory. Instead it is exit CL, exit FA, and I believe City will win the league. conclusion: No titles for Alex this year, and a bad year based of the player materials he has.

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another hat-trick for Messi, correct decision and congratulate.

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Zlatan: Top-scorer serie A now:-)

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...and about the highlights: Don`t use from now on....

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Agree. Zambora has been great this season. Fulham will have problem to keep him when transferwindow open i january.

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soon or later, it just had to come, citys first loose this season. But still they will win the league! Their squad is the best in world! And Manchini knows to handle stars.

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@"Barcelona played really well for an away game":

it does not matter whether it is home or away games in such matches. Today's best teams have had so much experience by playing matches almost like this each week, that home and away games are not so important anymore.

Barca has the same tactics out as at home. Maybe play with audience that beeps at you just inspire them and reduces the pressure. this match was even played (50-50) but Barca handled t...

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a said week for everybody who loves football. First we heard about Speed and now Socrates.

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agree. You have to be lucky (and good) if you want to win the league. City has been really good so far. Yesterday they were lucky. QPR was good and deserved at least 1 point. But the Manchinis marching on.....

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lovIbra, lovMilan:-)

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"just like Mourinho light up a room, Pep pull down the curtains"....:-) Love him;-) no doubt that Pep and Zlatan were not good friends....

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Chelsea is out of it.....Like last year this time of the season...

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SIR Manchini, a genius! United were ridiculed today. 6-1 I like it, but can`t believe it`s true.

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And when Zlatan is back on this young team! Maybe I smell surprising.....
Sweden-Germany in the final had been nice;-)

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