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Fergie 'ambulance drama': Reds boss 'rushed to hospital with suspected heavy nose bleed'

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was reportedly rushed to hospital with a suspected heavy nose bleed last night.

The Reds legend, 70, had been due to speak at a celebratory dinner in Glasgow to mark the 40th anniversary of Rangers’ Cup Winners’ Cup Final win against Moscow Dynamo.

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kulka3910d ago

Damn I hope he's okay.

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Corepred43909d ago

For a nose bleed? WTF? "doctors decided it was not serious." Man the f up Fergie!


At 70 years old, a nose bleed that won't stop can mean anything.

PaPa-Slam3909d ago

Damn, my first reaction was 'OMG, I Hope He's OK', until i heard it was just a freaking NoseBleed.

Just like 'Corepred4' said, Man Up Fergie.