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Torres seeks Chelsea talks

Fernando Torres has cast serious doubt over whether his long-term future lies at Chelsea after calling for clear-the-air talks with the club's hierarchy over what his role will be next season.

In a surprisingly candid interview with Guillem Balague a disgruntled Torres has wasted little time in expressing his disappointment at missing out on a starting place in the Chelsea side that claimed the UEFA Champions League on Saturday evening in Munich, going on to claim for much of his time in West London he has felt 'lost' and may even have 'given up' were it not for the support he has received from those close to him.

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freeduck3648d ago

Can also see his disappointment in this vid:

Yeah he one two medals and got what he wanted but clearly he doesn't look like he's achieved much as he was always on the bench this season. RDM couldn't even trust him to be one of the 5 penalty takers, sums it up really

buddymagoo3648d ago

Bitter much? Be happy for him, you never see Man Utd fans complain about Ronaldo's success.

In the end he deserved it. He contributed to finishing off Barca at the nou camp and won the corner kick in the final to which Drogba scored.

Kur03647d ago

No he means you can see Torres' disappointment that he didn't get to start the final even though they won.

Gamer19823646d ago

bitter much? what are you talking about? Nothing was bitter about what he put. Why do you come on here and just attack Liverpool/ City and there fans? Your obsessed with other teams. I think its you that is bitter buddymagoo that your team won nothing this year and city/liverpool/chelsea all did.

buddymagoo3646d ago

I'm sat here happy with 19 league titles, 11 Fa cups, 4 League cups, 3 European cups and 1 Club world cup.

I just thought Torres looked happy and people were trying to deflect from Chelsea great night.

Mozilla893648d ago

Yeah and he looks really happy here:

So your point is??

I do agree he needs to be the main striker to be happy. This whole set up of Torres being the striker in regular games but Drogba being a striker for big games is unfair for Torres. Even if he gets some sort of form he'll know that he won't play in any big games.

It's time to let Drogba go out on a high and let Torres know he's the future. If Chelsea do keep Drogba though I think Torres will leave.

oli3647d ago

I hope he doesn't leave. Yea, he hasn't been living up to our expectations, but he will slowly feel confident of himself and hopefully get back at his level. Besides, he can't be let go like that after how much was spent on him.

FlashXIII3647d ago

Torres doesn't deserve to be their main striker though, his record for Chelsea is so bad Heskey could laugh.

silvacrest3647d ago

well, torres has hit some form in his last few games

im hoping for a drogba & torres duo up front, assuming drogba stays

i agree he needs to start games but he also needs to be consistent

The_Devil_Hunter3647d ago

COnsistency does needs to be part of him but he contributed so much to some of the Champions League Games Such as the assist to Kalou (i think it was Kalou) in the Benfica game and plus the finish towards Barcelona, for Gods sake he scored on Barcelona thts perfect amount of contribution towards winning the trophy.

Kopite_20203647d ago

I think his time at Chelsea has shown that he is a very specific type of player that likes to be a lone striker off the shoulder of the last man, he thrived on that kind of play at Liverpool (we didn't have much choice to play any other way with no wingers and one credible striker). He is talented granted a bit delusional (needs to take responsibility on himself) and needs to either adapt or for Chelsea to play around him. It's quite obvious which one needs/will ever happen.

MYSTERIO3603646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I think torres will come good once drogba goes, his confidence has suffered as drogba has been the main eventer so to speak. He's said it himself