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The five reasons why Chelsea are European Champions

At various times during their Champions League campaign it seemed a formality that Chelsea would be eliminated from the competition, but every time the hammer hovered over their coffin lid ready for the final nail to be applied, the team found a way to defy the odds and finally lift the trophy.

Here are the main reasons why Chelsea are the European Champions.


Surely the number one reason for their success is the number of penalties saved and scored during their campaign. The two crucial spot kicks where when Lionel Messi missed one against them at the Camp Nou in the semi-final and then of course Arjen Robben in the final during extra time at the Allianz Arena. Had either of these penalties been scored there would surely have been no turning back. But of course they were not converted and Didier Drogba who was responsible for conceding a penalty in the Final then won the trophy by converting his penalty in the shoot-out.

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krazykombatant3842d ago

.......... we need reasons as to why they won?? They rode a winning streak, combined with very very lucky breaks. Its football... Good for them but in all seriousness this isn't happening again anytime soon.

doncorleone3841d ago

Exactly, they are champions because they won, pure and simple.

oli3841d ago

goals win matches, not scoring opportunities.

PaPa-Slam3842d ago

There's only 1 reason they won, they out played every other team.

They managed to keep their game up throughout the whole League & that in result got them the trophy.

Rattlehead203841d ago

They did not outplay every other team...They were dominated in the 2 semi legs and the final but scraped through.

belal3841d ago

They need reasons wtf. They won the trophy, that grants them the title europe champs.


They won the Champions League, good for them but their not the Champions Of Europe. You can't deserve that title if you finish 6th in the league. The Champions League is a tournament and history shows anyone can win a tournament.

Mozilla893841d ago

You guys are acting as if some Chelsea fan submitted this to rub it your faces. But yes, it is a silly article.

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