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Eden Hazard Will Reportedly Join Red Devils

Lille forward Eden Hazard is reportedly headed to Manchester United, according to BBC Radio (via Mirror Football), in what would be a massive boost to the Red Devils' attack after a heartbreaking second-place finish in the Premier League this season...

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Gamer19823684d ago

I honestly wouldnt believe anything about this guy any more in fact I would be surprised if he did come to a premier league club. The guys been whoring himself about trying to get more and more money from the highest bidder. City have told him no to 200k a week so I doubt united would pay it if City won't.

zeddy3684d ago

city have set the bar for over paying players. unless you're going to be the most important player on the team such as messi or ronaldo its 100k max. city have been handing out massive contracts like they're candy, thats why he would want 200k.

NewMonday3684d ago

MU need a CM and a striker, AM is loaded

ProjectVulcan3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

AM is loaded? By who? Creative attacking midfielder is what Manchester United desperately need.

Scholes filled that post for years. He was the world class creative spark who could ping balls in anywhere. United desperately need a creative force that can play behind strikers and that is what Hazard can give them.

Gamer19823684d ago

Also this report was taken from what his agent has said and is out of context.
"Eden has already said he wants it to be fixed before June 2. He will decide after the Red Devils’ (Belgium) games against Montenegro and England, then go on holiday with peace of mind."
Though personally I havnt heard Belgium called Red Devils myself he calls them that. So he was talking about Belgium not United.


Jeez how badly do you want him not to move to United? If it makes you feel any better I think he'll take City's money since their obviously offering the most.

Gamer19823684d ago

Thats not what i'm getting at pal. The fact is he was talking about the Belgium game and they took that as he's going united. The fact is this guy hasn't shut the hell up lately going on with clues where he's going and its getting tedious now. All to get his transfer wages up. As for city handing out wages like candy you people have no idea only a few players are on over 200k and 1 of them is Adebeyor who wont even be at the club come September. People just make crap up thinking our entire teams on 200k and its rediculous. Joe Hart is on 70k a week and Kompany around the same.

CYBERSNAKE3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I agree with you that Hazard now is just trolling everybody and the fact that he won't say who he's chosen till June 2 is ridiculous.
I know City don't hand out 200k contracts to everyone but Hazard is valued at £30m+ so I don't see why City won't give in to his wage demands.

b163o13684d ago

^^^ Well one reason I can think of, is C.Tevez has a stipulation in his contract is he makes whatever the highest player makes.

mastahmind3684d ago

i'm from belgium and it's true we call our belgian national team the red devils seriously lol

kulka3684d ago

Yesterday it was Chelsea today it's United and Tommorow it will be City. Unless his agent confirms that move is on I won't believe it.

Gamer19823684d ago

Honestly I cant wait for him to move sick of hearing about this guy now. Once he actually says where he moving I still won't believe him until he's actually signed.

mcstorm3684d ago

I hope he comes to united as he would be wasted on the bench at City with the players they already have in the squad.

PaPa-Slam3684d ago

It's hard to believe where anything, waiting for a confirmation.

Though i think moving to 'United' seems to be a better option for him.

Ninjamonkey823684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

We need players in other positions at United it would be money wasted in all honesty.

Manchester_UNITED3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

United need a am, and Hazard his favourite/best position is am...