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Manchester United lodge £13.6m bid for Kagawa

The Premier League giants have been pressed into making a formal offer for the Borussia Dortmund midfielder after being made aware of growing interest in him from Arsenal

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buddymagoo3646d ago

I really hope we get him. If I were to pick one signing this summer it would be him. His passing is so sharp and always passes forward to great effect.

Anderson83646d ago

him plus hazzard and one more cm and i'll be happy

buddymagoo3646d ago

Hazard is not coming to United.

It is all a ploy for good publicity for Man City to look good. He cites footballing reasons, then says it not about wages and says he wants to make history. City are just trying to look like a big club mark my words.

In the end it will be all about wages and he will go to City. I'll be happy if we get Kagawa as Hazard won't be needed then.

KingPin3646d ago

they should sell players if they have to but United do need a creative midfielder. maybe two would do also. our current midfield barely done the job during the season. was amazing that we kept up with man city till the final day.

kulka3646d ago

Very good player would definitaly add more flair and creativity to the team.

Gamer19823646d ago

He is but Dortmund have just won the German League why would they go sell one of there best players for 13 million? I don't think they would somehow. It's gonna take a massive bid for them to part with there big players as they will be buying to hold onto their championship.

kulka3646d ago

His contract is ending soon and he does not want to extend it so they either sell him or let him go for free. But with Dortmund's academy they be alright without him. They already signed Reus who is a decent young player who could replace Kagawa.