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Aguero: City on same level as Barca

Sergio Aguero has crushed any speculation he may leave Manchester City this summer, stating that he is happy at the club and that the Premier League champions are on a par with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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wantedboys3683d ago

loooooool and I am the best football player in the world

Gamer19823683d ago

You are? Amazing! Sarcasm aside with citys current side there not far off Barca and RM to be fair only a few more players and they can match them. Lets be honest here City won the premier league the same league Chelsea came 6th in who beat barca and won the Champions League. It wasn't a fluke either as Chelsea beat barca over 2 legs. A single match like the final can be a fluke but over 2 legs the better team always wins.

krazykombatant3683d ago

"not far from Barca and RM". hmmm I'm sorry I thought that barca and RM made it out of their group stages.... Furthermore, I don't remember you guys winning the europa cup... hell you barely managed to win your league. Don't even try to put chelsea into this.

Chelsea were a one trick pony, they got lucky and got on a a good streak for the champions PERIOD.

I love the logic people use. Ohhh a 6th place team beat the 2nd place barcelona, therefore, the first place team must be a filled with demi-gods.. Time to come down from that pedestal before you fall down and hurt yourself.

Anderson83683d ago

one league title and an fa cup in 40 odd yrs and now your on par with the best team in the world?... i dont think so. your squad may be decent but as a club your not even better than arsenal or chelsea let alone united or barca. and barca were the better team over two legs chelsea rode their luck. them finishing 6th means nothing bilbao tore us appart in the europa league and we finished 2nd

RGB3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

"Lets be honest here City won the premier league the same league Chelsea came 6th in who beat barca and won the Champions League."

Lets be honest here City won the premier league yet was beaten over two legs by Sporting Lisbon!!! A team that hasn't won anything in 5 or 6 years and isn't even close to Braga, Benfica or Porto!

KingPin3683d ago

lol i know right.

they win 2 trophies in 2 years, after 42 and 44 years respectively and all of a sudden they on the same level as real madrid and barca.

these children got some good jokes.

kulka3683d ago

We'll see next year. I think City has the squad to challenge real and Barca.

KingPin3683d ago

did you forget what happened to them in the champions league and europa league?
The quickest way out of europe was through manchester.

but we all knew United wasn't gonna do well. aside from thrashing a B-team arsenal team, we all said their squad was lacking quality to previous united sides.

how much more are city gonna spend to win trophies? 50 million more? 100 million more? you could run a small country with that amount of money.

yezz3683d ago

well i want to see where city is when the new financial fair play rule comes to effect... city just revealed their 200 million pound loss?! and the previous season was also bad.. 4 years and 460 million pounds on players is a JOKE!

Nes_Daze3682d ago

No, not on the same level, not yet at least. The first concern should be to stay high in the premier league next season, to be consistent, then worry about being on par with Barca.

Mozilla893682d ago

They're a good team without a doubt. However I would like to see them sustain a league challenge while fighting on other fronts. I know a couple seasons ago Mancini was complaining about the number of games when they were in the Europa League, and trying to secure 4th spot.

This season they only had to worry about the league.