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Torres happy at Chelsea

Fernando Torres is ready to fulfil his dreams with Chelsea after admitting he "lost hope" earlier in his time at Stamford Bridge.

The departure of Didier Drogba gives the £50million British record transfer the ideal opportunity to secure his position as first-choice striker after a difficult 16 months since leaving Liverpool.

Torres has still to rediscover the form he showed at Anfield and has scored just 12 goals in his Chelsea career, but he remains confident his best is to come and dismissed claims he was unsettled.

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krazykombatant2959d ago

hmmmm I wouldn't have been the wiser, after seen him in the after the champions, you know pouting and such.

He said it himself he lost hope. I wouldn't put a player that barely has any trust in himself in the biggest club championship game.

Just be happy that you rode the luck to the champions, and move on with your life.

The_Devil_Hunter2959d ago

You always have some kind of negative comments about everything dont you?

krazykombatant2959d ago

No not really, im just stating the fact that he was being a little kid in the post match interview. Soo what if he didnt play they won thats what matters to his team.

XboxInnovation2958d ago

Happy cause drogba is leaving

silvacrest2958d ago

why would you be happy about that?