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Sepp Blatter wants penalty shoot-out alternative

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has asked Bayern Munich honorary president Franz Beckenbauer to come up with an alternative to the "tragedy" of penalty shoot-outs.

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buddymagoo4139d ago

Yeah he would after an English teams wins on penalties.

KingPin4139d ago

its not only that.
but there are other alternatives already.

silver goal and golden goal come to mind.

wouldn't be surprised if they come out with a free-kick shoot out. with a 5 man wall. just to mix things up.

ProjectVulcan4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Sighz. Why not just straws. Or stage an exciting head to head knockout chess tournament for the players. Or maybe an open debate between the fans in the stadium over which side is more worthy until a unanimous agreement is reached by electronic keypad voting under the seats.

Another fantastically crap idea from the muppet in charge of FIFA.

There are plenty worse more problems in the game that could do with being solved before this comes anywhere near the top of the list.


There should be penalties during the knockout stages of the tournament, but in the final they should have golden goal. Even if the players have to play for another hour, let them. It will be a last man standing type of thing, players will collapse of exhaustion, then we will see who's the best.

I don't like Blatter but I don't like penalties either, if he is saying it beacuse an English team won it, then I don't blame him. The last three English teams won it on penalties, so I'd like it to stop.

NewMonday4139d ago

in MLS thy used to have one on ones starting just beyond the half-way line

i think for finals at least they should keep extending the game for 5 minuets till somebody scores, and reduce the teams by 1 player after every extension

Anderson84139d ago

golden goal n that has been done before i think penaltys is the best way teams have the chance to win it in extra time and pens is a good spectacle and the fairest way after that..

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Anderson84139d ago

yea sepp and platini have never been fans of the english game

4139d ago
Golden_Dive4138d ago

This Prick, I Agree & I bet if bayern won this woudn't have come to mind, I Dont gey why everyone hates us and accept us in Europe - Why would this come to mind anyway-
Everyone was hoping for an El Clasico Final
Then Everyone was hoping Bayern Burn Chelsea Hope because of the style of play we were against teams.

Your Klling Futbol Slowly Blatter

krazykombatant4139d ago

This is a joke right??? if you keep having more extra times, players are just going to end up getting hurt. Tough luck for bayern. Everyone hates penalties but its part of the game.

Blatter shouldn't be the president anymore, corrupt pig.

Corepred44139d ago

Am I the only one that doesn't have a problem with penalties? I mean why do people not like them? They're easy, yes, but people still miss theirs (Ramos) and the goalies still block some (Cech). I think penalties are fine. Just crying from the losing side.

OmniSlashPT4139d ago

Penalties are epic. I bet Bayern fans went nuts when they won in penalties against Real Madrid, it was epic. RM misses 2, them Bayern misses aswell and then Ramos just sents it off. The final was exactly the same thing. If Bayern deserved to win, then they should've win by playing. But they didn't, the game ended 1-1 and went to penalties. They didn't even had bad luck, Cech was a monster defending and predicting the penalties.

Penalties can be an epic shootout or just a complete unfair process. But I don't really see an alternative and I do like watching penalty shootouts.

The most epic moment I've seen in recent years (IMO) was the Portugal-England penalty shootout where Ricardo stoped a penalty bare-handed and then scored the winning penalty. The match itself was epic, but the penalties were just breathtaking. And that is awesome, that is football.

doncorleone4139d ago

I remember that Portugal-England match like if it was played yesterday. Epic is the word

mafiahajeri4138d ago

It's epic just aslong as your not on the receiving end or better yet neutral...

XboxInnovation4139d ago

Maybe they can do something like hockey where they eliminate a man from each team for overtime. Instead for football eliminate a man from each team after regular time and then every 10 minutes in extra time. So by the time a penalty shoot out would have started teams are down to 7 players each and if that don't open things up nothing will.

Another alternative would be to allow another 3 subs after regular time which brings fresh bodies on the field

Or maybe you could combined both of those ideas

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