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I want the No 10 shirt! Hazard demands more than just cash from his next team

den Hazard still refused to divulge his choice of club, after finishing training with the Belgium national squad, but at least he provided an insight into how he intends taking the Barclays Premier League by storm next season.

Finance may well dictate where he ends up, with a £30million-plus fee for Lille needing to be supplemented by personal terms that are likely to top £150,000 a week.

It is not just about money, though, as the Lille midfielder weighs up the relative merits of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

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buddymagoo4139d ago

Looks like he is off to City then

Man Utd #10 = Rooney
Chelsea #10 = Mata
Man City #10 = Dzeko

FootballZilla4139d ago

He is a right cocky CUN^
And Yeh looks like it.. maybe chelsea but think mata will stay 10.

4138d ago
oli4138d ago

He sounds dumb, its just a number. I'd be more worried in playing.

jak3y13oy4139d ago

I would want the number 7 shirt to be honest ;D

buddymagoo4139d ago

Sadly it is not about what you want.

jak3y13oy4139d ago



maybe in football manager though ;D

Golden_Dive4138d ago

City can have him , there natural stars arent playing for the game but the hot $$$
-Hazard just wants that.
City should take him if real are still interested in Dzeko and if this article reaalh about the Num. 10
Neither will Rooney or Mata give up on it -

I See This Guy At Etihad Stadium Getting Money Off That Spoiled Ass

Feel Bad For Young Adam Johnson... Wish Chelsea Try To Make an offer For Him.

Gamer19824137d ago

Hahahaha I love the irony of a CHELSEA supporter talking about players coming for the cash! So funny! Nasri said it best though for me he came for trophies and to fight for a position he deserves on a title winning team rather than pick up his pay cheque every week and just walk into the team.
As for City giving up the players number Dzeko wouldn't give it up however I feel he may be on his way out if they sign RVP so it will be available.

Manchester_UNITED4139d ago

Guys this is a bullshit article. He says he wants to PLAY the number 10 role behind the striker, he never said anything about wich number he wants to wear.

ProjectVulcan4138d ago

He could have such a role at Manchester United, and he would almost certainly be given the number 7 shirt which is a big shirt to live up to there

XboxInnovation4138d ago

This is media Trolling. Probably A fan of man city because we know Rooney ain't giving up no 10

listenkids4138d ago

Hazard would achieve massive things at Manchester United, this isn't a bias opinion or anything. City don't need him and I don't see him going to Chelsea.

Gamer19824137d ago

He could achieve massive things at City to and Chelsea as for City not needing him you reds need to look again. He's a winger and right now city have 1 winger in their 25 and that's Johnson Utd have tons in Nani, Valencia, young etc..

He would add a new dimension to Citys team and the same goes for Chelsea who also have no wingers. Utd don't need him if anything as they have a plethora of wingers right now.

listenkids4136d ago

Think about your comment, he would have been fighting against Silva for a spot, an infinitely better player. Chelsea is a strange choice for him, Mata is better.

Angerfist4138d ago

This Guy is so annoying right now, and he is just playing with every club. if i would be ManU i would have made it public that we are not interested in him anymore just to make him look bad.

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