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Guardiola open to offers

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has reiterated his desire to take a break from the game, but says he is open to a return soon.

The 41-year-old recently announced his decision to quit Barcelona to take time off from football after a successful four-year stint with the La Liga giants.

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oli4144d ago

Pep! go to chelsea, make them play REAL football once more!

oli4144d ago

what are you talking about? I could care less for barca. My team is Chelsea, but I hate seeing them play the way they do. I don't like Barca, but I will admit that they played an amazing style of football, and maybe Pep could bring that style to Chelsea.

silvacrest4143d ago

okay, my mistake, im also a chelsea supporter and in my opinion i want roberto to stay, why get rid of what works? plus roberto has earned it

also, i dont think we will always play like we have recently

oli4143d ago

it has worked, but its not going to work for long. just as chelsea figured out how to play against big teams like barca, other teams will figure chelsea out, and its not that hard. I think these past few matches chelsea has been underestimated, and now that the teams saw what chelsea is capable of they want take those scoring opportunities for granted.

Gamer19824143d ago

Over-rated manager I don't care who the manager is at Barca with quality like Iniesta-Xavi and Messi they would have get the same results. Yet hes getting praise like he's one of the best? Time will tell once he does manage another team.

Golden_Dive4144d ago

Welcome to Europe's King Home Pep.

XboxInnovation4144d ago

He's gonna be SAF replacement

KingPin4143d ago

Jose Mourinho is waiting for that job.

he said so on a couple of occasions.

kulka4144d ago

I don't think he'll be back in football until at least christmas or perhaps next summer. He already said it would be direspectfull to Barca if he joined diffrent team this summer

XboxInnovation4143d ago

He'd be better off in a country where there is a language barrier