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Juventus in Match Fixing Problem Again?

After the latest investigation into match fixing by prosecutors in Cremona has mostly dealt with Serie B club, Juventus head coach Antonio Conte has been called into questioning by the police among a number of people in connection with a match-fixing probe in Italy.

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alousow3646d ago

inter president always trying to bring juve down. he is behind this for sure just like back in 06

PaPa-Slam3646d ago

Again, i'm beginning to think that there might be some truth to this.

Gamer19823646d ago

You know I wouldn't be surprised it's happened once before.

sealava3646d ago

it's the only way those Juv egg heads know to win a trophy .
after seeing their match with Milan I knew things didn't change with juv.
send them back to Serie B , it's their rightful place.

Infernostew3646d ago

Keep them there for a couple seasons. Last time they were in Serie B it was like a glory tour for them. They just ripped up teams and won another trophy.