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Eden Hazard's Decision Won't Harm Man United

Eden Hazard has decided where he'll play football next season, and though the rumors swirling suggest that it won't be at Old Trafford, Manchester United may still take comfort in knowing that they've dodged a bullet of sorts.
The Lille talisman took to Twitter on Monday to announce, briefly and somewhat cryptically, that he had chosen an English Premier League powerhouse—between Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

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buddymagoo3646d ago

Meh, we missed out on david hirst and alan shearer, and signed King Eric and Solskjaer

We missed out on dogger collymore and signed andy cole

We missed out on patrick kluivert and signed dwight yorke

We missed out on ronaldinho and signed ronaldo

Seen it all before and It usually turns out alright. In Saf we trust.

Ninjamonkey823646d ago

Hes not a miss. Thes plenty more players money will be wiser spent.

ProjectVulcan3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

He is a good player but there other I would prefer instead of him. There are better ones out there at his age and younger too.

The only problem is that they are mostly unavailable, or possibly even more expensive, at least initially. Lucas Moura, Neymar, Gotze etc etc.

Hazard's massive wage demands are the main reason i don't believe he is worth it- that sort of wage yet.

But if he did agree terms with Manchester United, then it does show they have a bit of money to spend. 32m + agent fees + his wage. Chelsea may quit on Lucas Moura now they have Hazard, and potentially Manchester United could try there instead.

He would likely cost more, closer to 35-40m, but his wage demands would probably be more reasonable same as his agent so he wouldn't actually end up a lot more expensive.

I don't think he would leave, but its just an exaple.

buddymagoo3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

We know what we are doing

KingPin3646d ago

this guy isn't on the level of Shearer, collymore, kluivert, ronaldinho, cantona, ronaldo, yorke etc

we can get better. besides, this dude has been whoring himself out waiting for the highest bidder. he's after money. you can say what you want about him joining chelsea for trophies. that isn't the case, if it was, he wouldn't have been waiting for other clubs to make a move.

money hungry players belong to the other Manchester club.

Gamer19823646d ago

You were the richer club back then plus your average team age was only 23-24. Not like now using old men like Scholes and Giggs to get results. Stop sprouting crap.

freeduck3646d ago

So much pressure on this kid and his pricetag. He will be expected to deliver a world-class performance the first time he plays. High expectations destroy players

FlashXIII3645d ago

Not if your first time in Fernando!

XboxInnovation3646d ago

As long as they get rid of franky "can't connect a pass" lampard then that midfield will be solid

Mozilla893646d ago

There has to be some reason that City, Chelsea, and United agreed to meet the price tag and his wages. They all thought he was worth it.

I'm not expecting a sensational first season in the EPL but I expect him to really take off in the second season. We haven't really had any good wide players since Robben. Now we have Mata, Marin, Hazard, and maybe even Hulk?

Infernostew3646d ago

I've seen a couple of my friends who are Chelsea fans talk about signing Hulk. I don't see the hype. Also the 100m euro release clause is ridiculous. You can easily find a striker who is cheaper and not the most overrated strike in europe.

The_Devil_Hunter3646d ago

Hulk is not as good as they make him out to be.

KingPin3646d ago

to me, he was pretty good in the Avengers. did u see how he kicked lokis ass.

oh wait wrong article. :P

Gamer19823646d ago

City didn't agree his wages actually.

Quoted from the link
"City were believed to be in pole position to sign one of the hottest young talents in Europe after watching him several times.

But they went cool on him as they were concerned about his £170,000-a-week wage demands plus the agent’s fee. "

City pulled out thanks to his wages and let him goto Chelsea.

Kopite_20203645d ago

You're using "The S#n" as factual evidence...........

Corepred43646d ago

Are fans do sensitive that they need a feel better article every time something doesn't go their way?


When have Bleacher Report ever written a decent article?

silvacrest3646d ago

disregard this article for a moment and go to the hazard post with 45 comments, most of which are trolling/insecure/fake relief that hes gone else where

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The story is too old to be commented.