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Shearer backs Carroll to perform with the right service

The former England captain has backed the striker rise to the occasion and perform at the European Championships, having managed him for a short period at Newcastle

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Infernostew4205d ago

I think Carroll and Downing will link up well for England. /s

KazumaKiryu4204d ago

Lol I think with the right service Carroll will be a handful for most defences.

silvacrest4204d ago

i cant back carrol, hes been poor for liverpool for so long and now hes supposed to perform for england? i dont see it happening

Infernostew4204d ago

Why did Roy pick Carroll over Crouch!?!?

kulka4204d ago

At Liverpool he had no service at all since all of Downing's crosses went mile away from him. If he gets better service for England he will bag few important goals. If England gets to play someone like Spain he will destroy them in the air if he gets the service.

KazumaKiryu4204d ago


You wouldn't be saying that if you'd seen the last several games he played for Liverpool. The guy was a beast, especially against chelsea in the fa cup final.

silvacrest4204d ago

actually i did see that match, im judging his performance throughout the whole season, not just the last few games he played

KazumaKiryu4204d ago

fair enough mate, but you do know he was recovering from injury for a while and he was struggling to fit into the liverpool's style of play hence the reason it took so long for him to get back to his best.

I've seen him play a few times for newcastle before they were relegated, he was a monster then and still is now. He even almost saved them from relegation.

The_Devil_Hunter4204d ago

Idk. He is not the a great player per say but I do see him being more effective than Crouch

freeduck4204d ago

Carroll has been excellent for the past couple of months so he definitely deserves his spot. Carroll can be an amazing player if you use him right. He gives defenders nightmares and always beats his man in the air, he can score a lot of goals with his head. Unfortunately last season he was really unlucky he could've bagged about 6 more goals in headers alone