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Manchester City Transfers: 7 Potential Alternatives to Eden Hazard

So it’s (nearly) official: The Blue in England that Eden Hazard is going to sign for is Chelsea, not Manchester City.
While we’ll never truly know whether it’s the wage packet rumored to be on offer or Chelsea’s Champions League win a few weekends ago, this throws a considerable spanner in the City transfer works.
But fear not, for there are quite a few alternatives to Hazard that Roberto Mancini could go after.

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KingPin3639d ago

with the money they throwing around, i wouldn't be surprised they pay 120 million <or whatever is his buy out clause> for Ronaldo with wages of 500k a week.

ProjectVulcan3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

You have to understand, City cannot afford it anymore. Sure enough their owners can, but the financial rules mean City can no longer splurge 150 million pounds every single summer if they want to meet the rules and not face sanctions.

They will surely buy a couple more players, but only if they have managed to offload a bunch of players that were on loan to reduce their wage bill.

Is it not obvious enough when they apparently pulled out of the Hazard transfer early because of his wage and agent demands? Previously they would simply have just agreed.

The days of them blowing money like that willy nilly are over, at least for now.

Infernostew3638d ago

How about playing Adam Johnson more? He's one of the most explosive wingers in the prem and spends most of the time on the bench.

GanjaMan3638d ago

i think hes gettin sold this summer, hopefully the gooners can get him