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Liverpool to reveal new manager on Friday

Liverpool plan to make the announcement of their new manager on Friday, ESPN understands. They have whittled their list of candidates down to Wigan's Roberto Martinez and Swansea's Brendan Rodgers, after a thorough search for the right man to replace Kenny Dalglish.

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freeduck3638d ago

Rumor has it that Van Gaal is the new DOF, Rodgers manager, and Pep Seguera promoted.

KazumaKiryu3638d ago

Not sure what to think to be honest :S

kulka3638d ago

This has been going on for ages it went from Guardiola to Martinez then Van Gaal now Rodgers let's be honest the media has no clue. I thin we're in for a suprise hopefully it's a big name I don't want Rodgers nor Martinez.

KazumaKiryu3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

It's rodgers.

kulka3638d ago

Ok I'm actually shocked by this. But will still support Liverpool and our new manager hope he will be a success.

KazumaKiryu3637d ago

I agree. We should support him just like every other manager we've had.