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PSG bid £120 million for Wayne Rooney

PSG rich owners are preparing the biggest transfer ever!

According to the Spanish paper Sport, PSG will offer up to 120 million pounds to Manchester United for Wayne Rooney, while to the player they would gave up to £ 10 million salary, anything to replace Manchester for Paris.

The biggest spenders of this transfer window will be Paris Saint-Germain. Parisians last summer ’squandered’ more than 100 million which still hasnt help them to win any title. To the trophies came Montpellier and Qatari bosses ,will no longer tolerated that.Billionaires at the head of the club are not asking for a price, and next season they want to ’attack’ the Champions League.

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zeddy3637d ago

how did this get approved?

mcstorm3637d ago

I have not got a clue but if it is true sell him for me as he is not worth that much and then we can give SAF the money to work on the squad.

But its not true so he wont go anywhere.

silvacrest3637d ago

even if this is fake no player is worth that much

ProjectVulcan3637d ago

Rooney is a world class player, but 120m is absurd when you can buy maybe 3 absolute top draw players for that instead.

No point in anyone spending that cash on him. Besides i didn't think that the French league was really that attractive for top players.

This article sucks.

Ninjamonkey823637d ago

Don't say that to Ronaldo lol :D

Kur03637d ago

I would say Messi is.

silvacrest3637d ago

perhaps but with that money you could buy 4 to 5 world class players or an entire team of okay players

Ninjamonkey823637d ago

Im not one for thinking anyones worth great deals of money when a game such as football is a gift for us all to play.

I think Messi gets this thats part of what makes him better imo. yeah hes worth all the money etc but id bet if that money wasn't around he would still go back to the bare roots an play.

Id question that off Ronaldo even Rooney now these lads taste the sucess every day of there lives.

If that penny was ever to drop and the money just wasn't there any more could these players still be arsed?.

buddymagoo3637d ago

Lol, you like'em good looking eh??

rawd3637d ago

I prefer handsome men, like your mom

buddymagoo3637d ago

Just to be clear a mother has to be a woman not a man.

I will say though, she is kinda manly and would kick your arse!

PaPa-Slam3637d ago

WTF, what does his face has to do with anything here, it's his game we're talking about here.

Myst-Vearn3637d ago

I would try my luck and go for messi instead with maybe 200 millions and a ridiculous salary like 500k a week! who knows it may work!

Mozilla893637d ago

I think Rooney would be more likely to leave Man U than Messi. Don't forget how he held the club ransom for a higher salary a couple years ago.

Messi on the other hand is Barca through and through. In fact he'd probably take a pay cut if Barca had financial problems and needed the money to sign more players.

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The story is too old to be commented.