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Chelsea agree £38m deal for Brazilian international Hulk from Porto

Chelsea have agreed a fee of £38m for the Porto striker Hulk and the deal is ready to be closed. The figure has been brokered by facilitators working on behalf on each club and, with the Brazil international's personal terms not expected to be an obstacle, it merely remains for the directors on both sides to sign the relevant paperwork.

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freeduck3636d ago

So 32m for Hazard (probably more than that), 38m for Hulk, ?? for Marin... This is ridiculous spending, not to mention they have to buy more defenders since Bosingwa and Ferreira are leaving, and probably another expensive striker.

Where's the financial fair play?

And who's making these signings if there's no official manager for next season? What if the new manager does not like any of these new signings?

Golden_Dive3636d ago

Roman Abramovich

- Stepped forward to make all these signings , and hes not over just yet...

Stevo913636d ago

I'm sorry but you can say nothing being a Liverpool fan after last years ridiculous spending spree on average players. Here a fun fact for you.

Hulk, Hazard and Marin have cost Chelsea just £2million more than Downing, Henderson and Carroll cost Liverpool.

"And they haven't completed the signing of Hulk yet"

Golden_Dive3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

- Your Liverpool Players Are Overrated and I would Never spend that much on those type of players when you could rather get Hazard And Hulk
with another 8$ of Marin

- Your spend millions on players who helped you stay in 8th
- Your best signing was Saurez
- And Your Adams is trash mate

----------------------------- ------------------

We'll See What Happens this season coming up.

( Dont Forget That We Still Arent Done , Because we need a backup defenders and probably luka modric )

ProjectVulcan3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Personally i think Falcao (as rumoured Chelsea were chasing) is the better player but then Hulk is like a straight slot in of Drogba's style. If i had to have any striker come to my club right now it would probably be Falcao, how the heck is he not at a true European giant yet i'll never know.

Still, Hulk and Hazard are both miles better than Carroll and Downing and if i walked in the door as Chelsea manager, i probably wouldn't complain at that class of player too much...

Mozilla893636d ago

Two things

1. I don't think this transfer is complete and even if it happens I doubt it would happen for 38m.

2. I think there are a couple reasons why we're spending this much. There must be pretty significant prize money for winning the CL. And Roman now wants to team to win but while playing a more attacking game instead of being defensive.

XboxInnovation3636d ago

Ridiculous spending was all that money for Carroll. Hulk and Hazard are sure-shot talents.

Kur03636d ago

What were liverpool thinking? Of all the strikers they could have spent 40m+ on.

silvacrest3636d ago

would you still be saying that if liverpool were making these purchases?

GanjaMan3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

mate didnt queen kenny pend like £120 in one year? for the same money that was spent on downsyndrome and caroline u could of had silva and aguero (they were around the same money in total)

Sahil3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

1) King Kenny spent money on young players(except downing) who had an average FIRST season.

2) Caroll earns in a month what Aguero earns in a week.

3) Show some respect, did Wenger win something in his first year at Arsenal? and BTW, Arsenal shud also spend money.. Oh wait..

freeduck3635d ago

What does this have to do with Liverpool? I am talking about Chelsea. People here so easily change the subject. Yes we overpaid for Carroll but that's because it was the deadline transfer window and Torres decided last minute that he wanted to leave...

And besides, Carroll/Henderson/Downing' s weekly salaries don't even compare to the likes of Hazard, Mata, Tevez, Aguero, Rooney, etc etc

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PaPa-Slam3636d ago

He's 1 strong fella, hope he does wonders for Chelsea.

MYSTERIO3603635d ago

if roman does not sign di matteo as the permanent manager of chelsea that will show that he does not know a good manager even if they slapped him in the face

FlashXIII3635d ago

Lol what? The guy's tactics in the champions league final was everyone behind the ball.. every football tactician in the world almost universally agreed the Italian got extremely lucky.

You don't sign players like Hazard and Hulk and then bring on an 11 at the back manager... not even the retarded Russian is that stupid.

MYSTERIO3603635d ago

I get your point but RDM did what was necessary everyone knows that playing open football against barcelona is risky. I think in the final RDM did not have have much of his first team choice and so wanted to play it safe against bayern. Mourinho did the same tactic with inter and it payed off.

Throughout the majority of the season with RDM he has been playing open attacking football its just that in certain cases RDM is clever enough to defend

silvacrest3635d ago

MYSTERIO360 got it spot on, roberto is not a fool, playing attacking football against barca would have just been stupid

and thinking that he will always play like that is even more stupid

oli3635d ago


That tactic works, but the thing is that its not RDM's tactic, its his style of play. It would be one thing to play against barca and bayern like that, but to play defensive all the time is absurd.