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Highlights: England 1-0 Belgium (International Friendly - 02/06/2012)

36' (1-0)Danny Welbeck

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buddymagoo3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Did Hazard play today, didn't look like it to me. Next Ronaldo/Messi, hahaha! (I know he played)

Go on Welbeck! Classy goal. Just need a little more service from the midfield and out wide and we'll do well.

freeduck3645d ago

Hazard did play, didn't watch the whole game but he looked pretty quiet. Both teams were pretty average imo

buddymagoo3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Yeah, Dembele looked the star for Belgium even the #7 looked better for Belgium (don't remember his name)

I'd be happy if we keep winning like this and go on to win the Chelsea way.

MaximusPrime3645d ago

Man of the Match is Gerrard.. no really, that wasn't a joke.
Hazard was quiet
Rooney was quiet
Terry was quiet.

In fact both teams were quiet.
Wasn't a match worth watching.

I'm going for Spain to win the Euro.

buddymagoo3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Rooney played 30m Hazard played the full game and looked like he will struggle in the premier league and as the commentator mentioned he looked a bit lightweight for the English league.

As soon as Rooney came on, England looked more fluid in attack.

Golden_Dive3645d ago

Lukaku should of started.
He needs to be given a chance , He will pass Drogba if he just gets game time and I hope he stays with Chelsea and try to earn his spot over Torres Honestly

* You watch Fellaini and Lukaku connection!

- Germany Are Going To Win It -

silvacrest3645d ago

people saying hazard will struggle in the EPL just because he wasn't spectacular in a friendly need to wake up, no one plays well all the time, for some its even more so when its a friendly match

if he plays like this after starting 5 games with chelsea then anyone can tell me i was wrong

Gamer19823645d ago

Rooney quiet for England? Really? Typical of him that though he's not the same player in an England shirt.

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Golden_Dive3645d ago

Shocked and Sad that Welbeck starts over Rooney.

- Eden Hazard Looked Shaky and He'll adapt soon,
Btw Lukaku became the star once he came on the pitch he was the closest to score alongside the connection with Fellaini!

I hope he gets his game time or be loaned out because he is quality talent and he could turn out to be better than Drogba.

- Nice Goal on counterattack defending.

Anderson83645d ago

why shocked?.. rooneys banned from the first few games so starting him would be pointless when we have available strikers that need game time

Gamer19823645d ago

Hazard will adapt soon to what exactly? He wasn't playing in the premier league you are ware of this right?

The_Devil_Hunter3645d ago

Hahaha your just mad Hazard isnt going to Chelsea.

At first I saw how your stupd comments annoyed anoyed everyone but thought you had your reason but now I see why nobody here likes you.

buddymagoo3645d ago

This is not a popularity contest I couldn't care less what people think of me. I'm content just being me.

As for Hazard if you go through my comment history I never wanted him to come to United because having watched him play I didn't rate him any higher than Mata and the money they were asking for him was madness. Tonight was just more proof as to the waste of money. Much rather have Kagawa and hopefully we'll sign him soon.

I understand people can be haters just look at your name. I am only putting across my opinion and instead of ignoring what I have said, argue your point otherwise you just come across like a troll which I am in no doubt you are.

Corepred43644d ago

Magoo is annoying because he comes off as more of a man u fan than an actual football fan. Nobody can say anything in a negative light against anything man u because we are then "haters". Come on man come off it. Even I see faults and failures in my team.

PaPa-Slam3645d ago

He did played,.

Watched the whole game, was pretty boring.

Mozilla893645d ago

You know I was also totally disappointed at Hulk in this game, totally invisible.

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WillCRX3645d ago

I'm belgian... We got just one star in our team : Kompany and he wasn't there...(That's actually why you've scored)but a second one is coming and don't worry, you'll learn to know him. Stamford bridge will become the Eden's garden very quikly.

Sahil3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

thought Belgium were the better team.. not clinical enough, hard luck.

silvacrest3645d ago

hazard will adapt like others have said, no one can expect him to play at his best one day one

this is not a excuse but even the commentators said he doesn't really play well for his country

anyway, i found the match more interesting then the norway match, both teams where meh, the highlight was welbecks finish

why did gerrard get man of the match?

The_Devil_Hunter3645d ago

I thought the same how was Gerrard the top man?

silvacrest3645d ago

no idea, im guessing who ever decides Man of the match has bias towards him......or was paid off

Gamer19823645d ago

Day one of what why keep going on about adapting? This wasn't a premier league match it was an international match where he has played before. Do you people realize what you are writing before you write it?

Golden_Dive3645d ago

" What to type before typing it."

PaPa-Slam3645d ago

Not a satisfying win for England TBH, i expected them to do better, to win by a bigger margin.

But win is a win, though Belgium sure put up a good fight.