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Guardiola: I did not enjoy Barca matches anymore

Pep Guardiola said the reason he decided to leave Barcelona was because he no longer enjoyed being part of the team's matches.

The 41-year-old coach put an end to his four-year reign at Camp Nou to take a year-long sabbatical from football after guiding the club to a staggering 14 titles.

Guardiola claims that he is in need of a break from football and revealed that he had lost the motivation for the job in recent times.

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Golden_Dive4199d ago

He Has Everything He Needed And Gave His Blood To The Club
Breaking Records -

PaPa-Slam4199d ago

Agreed, though i still think he should have stayed. But it's good that he decided to leave, you don't wanna be in a place where your hearts not.

MYSTERIO3604199d ago

I just hope he's not doing this in order to join chelsea

Mozilla894198d ago

I don't think he knows which club he's going to join but I think Chelsea would be a very attractive club for any manager. A great team which is getting younger and plenty of money to make any additions. Plus Guardiola would know that he could demand total control because of his previous achievements.

XboxInnovation4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Barca is just not fun. You compete with one club, and sleep walk through the champions league until the semifinals because Uefa fixes the spanish clubs with the easiest routes. Guardiola wants more of a challenge, he should go to Chelsea or Inter Milan. Or stay in La liga and go to Malaga or a club willing to spend and try to bring them to prominence.

Nes_Daze4198d ago

fixing? really? *facepalm*

GanjaMan4198d ago

lol every1 knows it and barca even use to have uefa on there shirts.

barca v chelsea 09 (5 penalty appeals turned down)
barca v inter 10 (getting man sent off but inter still won)
barca v madrid 11 (getting man sent off n biased referee calls)

Golden_Dive4198d ago

Barca v Arsenal 2010 : Van Persie sent off

sdtarm4198d ago

Talking about biased referee calls, I think your opinion is biased as well

Nes_Daze4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

@ Ganjaman, if you're going to talk about Barca supposedly having fixed matches, why leave out other teams?
How about that penalty that Benefica didn't get against Chelsea? 5 penalties turned down? I think you need to recount and stop being such a blind hater. On barca vs. madrid, the refs made decisions against Barca plenty of other times as well, you just didn't see them, maybe you need to watch other matches in La liga, instead of classicos.

@Golden_dive, point is? There was a penalty that should've been called for barca against Milan this year, yet nothing.

You guys need to take the blindfolds off and WATCH more football.

Golden_Dive4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Let me Show You a few videos of your hollywood stars
( My Favorite ) (What Everyone says back to Barca after the matches they were robbed!)

( Shows the Truth ) Behind all the calls from teh Uefa and La Liqa including Chelsea - Inter - Arsenal - Real Madrid
* Those teams that were robbed could of ended Barcelona streak of winning and advancing but you know how Uefa backs you up and also the spanish league referees.

Nes_Daze4198d ago


So you show me a diving video submitted by a Barca hater. Again, you are biased, taking into account only Barca's dives and calls in their favor. Like I said before, WATCH more football, your bias and hate for Barca's success has you making excuses and calling them out on cheating. Yet you say nothing of when they get robbed. Convenient.