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Chelsea Should Be the Favourites to Win the Premier League Title Next Season

BR - This year's battle for power in the English top flight was very much a two horse affair for the entirety of the campaign.

The two Manchester clubs were simply a class apart from the rest of the field, eventually both finishing a whopping nineteen points clear of third-placed Arsenal.

Chelsea ended the league in a dismal sixth place.

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PaPa-Slam3766d ago

Com'on now, it's way to early to predict a winner.

Gamer19823765d ago

Agred and with 2 new players who are unproven in the PL and no manager yet you cannot call a team favourites.

Nes_Daze3765d ago

Unproven indeed, it is way too early to think about next year's champs.

PaPa-Slam3764d ago

Great to see so many people agreeing with me, it's extremely rare. lol

But just like i said, predicting the Next year's champ this early is pretty stupid.

MacDonagh3765d ago

Chelsea need new players to freshen the squad up and a manager before proclaiming them as favorites.

silvacrest3764d ago

its to early to tell, we have to wait and see

jak3y13oy3764d ago

We haven't even started Euro 2012!

Nobody knows who is the likely favorites are gonna be. (you can only know who the top 6 will be from the past though :P)

I wanna see Chelsea play first, then decide if they are favorites or not.