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Gary Cahill ruled out of Euro 2012

England defender Gary Cahill has been ruled out of Euro 2012....

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ProjectVulcan4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

It has been a terrible preparation for England's campaign, the worst I have seen. Martin Kelly has been called up. Bet Roy wishes he had Ferdinand on standby right now...

Lescott is set to start no doubt but again Cahill was a solid choice if England needed to make changes. Thanks a lot Mertens...

buddymagoo4195d ago

Lets be honest, how is taking 6 players that play for a club that finished 8th in the league justified.

I hope Roy drops Welbeck and Young and then England get knocked out. Some English fans are delusional and think too much about their club and not about the players that play for the best placed clubs.


Golden_Dive4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Roy Is Clearly Dick Ridin Liverpool players much.. I hope England go defeated in evey match in the Euro's

ProjectVulcan4194d ago

To be fair, I read that Roy's plan to tackle racism in Ukraine is just to pick all Liverpool players :D

no_more_heroes4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Roy took SAF's advice when he said that Rio was not fit enough to play every 3 days for a month due to recurring injury problems.

That's the excuse anyway. I'd probably still take a chance and call him up (even with John Terry there) because it's not like England are spoiled for choice back there (or for any position on the field for that matter).

freeduck4195d ago

Good luck Martin Kelly. That's another Liverpool player representing the squad, he is a fantastic defender and will do well for the team.

Computersaysno4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Kelly is a poor to average defender and probably about 10th choice central defender for England if everyone was fit, he can barely get a game for Liverpool's mediocre defence.

It does not bode well having so many Liverpool players in the squad. Hopefully they wont get many games and the first 11 will stay fit

freeduck4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Lol clearly you have not seen him play at all. It's a shame how people here can make absurd statements on things they don't know anything about. He can defend as good as anyone else in the England squad, so I'm not going to argue with you. The problem with Kelly is that he gets injured often so that's why he doesn't play a lot of games.

And I laugh how you call Liverpool's defense mediocre. Despite the poor league form, we had the 3rd best defense in the league last season (we were 1st for most part of the season until the later part of 2nd half where we had a real poor run of results)

Computersaysno4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Clearly i have seen him play and its absurd to think he should be in the squad ahead of the likes of Ferdinand or Upson or even Shawcross.

It is shocking how many problems England have had that we have to take a player of such low calibre as Kelly to the Euros, missing Ferdinand, Smalling and Cahill. Dawson is unfit, Steven Taylor too. Besides these he is clearly behind the order of Lescott Jagielka and Jones as centre back pick in the squad that is going.

It is lamentable that we are forced into taking yet ANOTHER failed Liverpool player as well as Henderson as a backup because the standby options were so poorly chosen. How terrible has England's defensive injuries been that we are stuck with this guy.

Liverpool's conceded record is extremely misleading considering the poor attacking play and thus little opportunity to counterattack against you. But whatever, he still cant get a game for you for the love of God i hope he isnt needed at the euros.

Sahil4195d ago

which club you support?

buddymagoo4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Liverpool players have proven they are not good enough this year by finishing 8th in the league

freeduck4195d ago

No, you haven't seen him play at all. In fact I don't think you've seen Liverpool play at all this season by reading your post.

Liverpool have played (for most games) attacking football. We've created chances after chances and good pass-move football and still had a solid defense. Again, you don't know what you're saying.

Computersaysno4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Yes i have seen him play. Dont tell me who i have and havent seen play you typically arrogant without justification Liverpool fan.

This isnt about how rubbish Liverpool have been anyway. Its about how horribly average Kelly is as a defender who cant even get into Liverpool's mid table team and is now sadly going to a tournament when he shouldnt be anywhere near the England squad. Phil Jones is younger and head and shoulders above his ability.

He shouldnt be having a sniff over Rio Ferdinand or Micah Richards just like Henderson or Downing shouldnt be anywhere near the squad over Carrick, Lennon or Johnson. But yet again because Roy Hodgson made crap choices especially for his stand by options we are stuck with him. Great.

RedDevils4194d ago

Look like Woy is kissing Liverpool ass to get their fan happy, anyway at the end of the day I don't how England can get pass the group stage with all these Liverpool's players

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zeddy4195d ago

i've seen kelly play numerous times and he is distinctly average. roy must have been bull shitting us all when he said rio wasnt going for footballing reasons.

ProjectVulcan4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Why on earth Rio wasn't kept at least on standby is beyond me, no matter the crappy internal political reasons.

Rio didn't have to start, i mean Terry and Lescott were probably always first choice anyway but Ferdinand at 33 with his best behind him is still vastly better than Kelly and IMO superior to Jagielka, although Jagielka is proven capable in the qualifiers.

This is especially considering Ferdinand wouldn't HAVE to play every game, he would be a very experienced third choice CD just as Cahill was probably going to be.

It does actually smell a bit duff that so many Liverpool players have been chosen by Roy, former Liverpool manager when i think the general consensus (i.e everybody but Liverpool fans and even some of them) would not have chosen those players.

Maybe he is unwilling to take an early risk in his tenure on players he has lesser knowledge about. Even so, all i know is Kelly is somehow on the plane, when Ferdinand absolutely should be instead.

silvacrest4194d ago

i agree with the liverpool players thing you mentioned, ex liverpool boss, not much time to know new players, brings the ones he does into the squad.....considering how liverpool ended the season this could end poorly for the gaffer

ProjectVulcan4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Something funny is going on. You only have to google Martin Kelly with a select few annoyances and you'll find fan forums, not just Manchester United ones, asking why Ferdinand is sat twiddling his fingers on Twitter this summer and not kicking balls.

I am disappointed with the likes of Richards and Carrick saying they didn't want to go on standby- i find it a little sad they wouldn't be eager to have a chance of playing for England- I can somewhat understand their irritation.

Roy should have been contacting these players and talking to them directly to convince them, which he apparently didn't do with Richards, to say that he felt they had a future and could still be important to England.

Roy is the manager. So man manage. He hasn't had a lot of time i will give him that allowance, but i feel he could have done a better job with some player's personal qualms and if he did, we would have a better squad for the Euros. This is surely more important than a few quibbles.

I feel most sorry for Ferdinand and Carrick , clearly superior to what is now in this squad, but frozen out under shady circumstances. Bah!

silvacrest4195d ago

damn, yet another blow, and such a weird and annoying way to get injured

if england even get out of the groups that should be considered a good run

PaPa-Slam4194d ago

England cannot catch a break, they're losing player to injury right and left.

I really hope despite all this, they still can manage to put up a decent performance.

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