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Brazil 0-2 Mexico: Dos Santos and Hernandez on target against youthful Selecao

Mano Menezes side failed to make the most of their possession as La Verde put in a stalwart defensive display whilst remaining threatening on the counterattack

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oli3897d ago

What was up with brazil? Anyways I'm glad Gio scored a marvelous goal, and yet Tottenham don't play him.

Golden_Dive3897d ago

So far ...
Neymer Flopped Today
Eden flopped against England
Ronaldo Flopped against Turkey

So No Big Deal... Still top talent in the world Lol..

buddymagoo3896d ago

Chicharito! 2 goals in 2 games.

Nes_Daze3896d ago

First, Brazil did not take their full squad, whereas Mexico did. Brazil did not have: Ganso, Dani Alves, Maicon, Ramirez, Luis, etc.
Second, they made a goal that was called offsides, which actually wasn't.
Third, Mexican goalkeeper fouled a Brazilian player, should've been a penalty.

Either way, nice goal by Gio, imo he's a better player than Hernandez.

oli3896d ago

Yea, you have some points. We didn't take our whole squad either, I could still name 3 or 4 missing from Mexico. If Brazil didn't take their good players, that's not our fault, they should be taking quality players in preperation for the confederation/world cup.

Nes_Daze3896d ago

I noticed Mexico had a few missing too, nobody overly important as in Brazil's side, but yea they were missing some. I just think it should'nt be seen as a full victory. Either way, I was impressed by Mexico defense, they made a fool out of Neymar and Hulk.

Theo11303896d ago

Gio To Real Madrid to sub Kaka