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Hummels is Germany's best centre-back, says Zorc

The Dortmund official feels that the BVB defender should be a starter for the Nationalelf at this summer's European championship in Poland and Ukraine

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jak3y13oy3633d ago

Hummels is a great CB and he is very strong! He is only 23! He has got a good future ahead of him!

PaPa-Slam3632d ago

Totally agreed, much like 'FootballZilla' i had no idea he was only 23, he certainly looks older than that.

FootballZilla3633d ago

Yup i didnt know he was only 23 he looked great when i saw him play...

kulka3633d ago

The best upcoming centre back in the world he is going to play for one of world's best clubs very soon.

PaPa-Slam3632d ago

He is doing tremendously right now & i hope he continues to better his game.

But saying he the best in the world right now, is stretching a bit.

kulka3632d ago

I meant the best upcoming centre back. Not yet the best but on his way to the top.

zeddy3633d ago

this guy is good, footballing centre back, can play in def midfield too.

ngecenk3632d ago

not convincing enough especially during the swiss match! most of the goals are his fault!

duo boateng-badstuber is much better!

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