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Manchester United agree Kagawa transfer

The Borussia Dortmund attacker, who has been linked with Sir Alex Ferguson’s side for over a year, will join Old Trafford subject to a medical and UK work permit.

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buddymagoo3638d ago

Woop woop! I'm so happy we have got this guy!

Anderson83638d ago

same, i think he's a better player than hazard but i would of liked both

ProjectVulcan3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

I think he is better value at least. 12m rising to max possible 17m, half Hazard's wages. Hazard was over 40m with all the agent fees all in too.

Would have loved to have seen them both but United maybe have more money to spend now and won't be burdened with such a viciously large wage that breeds envy in the squad.

He is NOT a buy for commercial reasons, but lets face it, he'll make United his fee back in the asia market no worries.

Hazard has a lot of potential but that is what has been paid for, not his actual ability right now.

mcstorm3638d ago

I agree hazard was asking for way too much money for a unproven player in the epl. We have bought players in the past for alot of money and they have not stood out at united so i think kagawa will be the right signing and i hope he is the first of a few new faces this summer.

HxCGamer3638d ago

both unproven in the EPL, but based on statistics he is definitely a better buy than Eden.

ProjectVulcan3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

One thing- Kagawa needs to learn English. If he wants to be a success in England and stay at United for many years he'll have to learn the lingo. Would be disappointed if he didn't try because it sort of shows a player's commitment and intentions. There is no coincidence that Tevez still can't speak English after half a decade here...

If he expects to stay many many years then he should get serious.

PaPa-Slam3638d ago

I see why you;re happy, he is a very good investment.

freeduck3638d ago

Cracking player, good buy for them and at a bargain price

guigsy3638d ago

Surprised we were able to get him at such a good price without much competition. You get the feeling that they probably had a deal agreed months ago. Just the sort of player we need.

kulka3638d ago

I think it was around 12 million pounds.

Anderson83638d ago

he had a year left on his contract thats why we didnt have to pay over the odds

MYSTERIO3603638d ago

Yes im so happy he is finally coming to united but i think we still need one more midfielder

fOrlOnhOpe573637d ago

I just wish SAF would go all out for Fulham's Clint Dempsey. He would be a perfect fit for United imo.

buddymagoo3637d ago

Too old at 29 now unless we were to get him for less than 5m which is not going to happen.

Infernostew3638d ago

Shinji, wherever you may be,
glad you fancy history,
could be worse, could be french,
joining Nasri on city's bench.

So happy we signed this kid. He's only 23 so he has a long time to make himself into a United legend. I think he'll fit real well into the squad and I'm glad that we may actually have some attacking play from the center of the field instead of just from the wings.

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The story is too old to be commented.