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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to finish career at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo says he wants to finish his career at Real Madrid after winning his first Spanish title.

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freeduck3640d ago

If the pay is good, the weather is nice, and guaranteed trophies then why not?

freeduck3640d ago

Considering La Liga is a 2 team league and with Guardiola's departure I can see Real being more dominant in the cup and league.

Not to mention that they are always contenders for the Champions League every year

FootballZilla3640d ago

When you have a team like barcelona in your league, thats when you know its goign to be a challange to win a trophie.. and it will be hard for any team to win the CL... so theres not guaranteed trophies here... there is nice weather and good wages though ;)

Corepred43640d ago

I'm pretty sure barca and real Madrid have been in the same league since forever. Every team has their high and low years, don't be dumb barca can't stay on top forever. Yes guaranteed trophies.

FootballZilla3640d ago

So madrid are going to have guaranteed trophies next season.. atleast the league or the champs league next season right?

PaPa-Slam3640d ago

I really do not understand why i want to end his career with Real Madrid, they have been pretty good with him.