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England move to up to sixth in Fifa world rankings

Roy Hodgson's side move up one place whilst Spain further cement their position as the top international team and Uruguay move into second at the expense of Germany

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FootballZilla4017d ago

they moved up because they had two "BIG WINS" agaianst belgium and norway both 1-0 *claps claps*

kulka4017d ago

England should not be in the top ten.

PaPa-Slam4017d ago

Why man, they are a good team that manages to win games every now & then.

They deserve to be on Top 10, not so much in Top 5.

krazykombatant4015d ago

England has done absolutely nothing in my life along with many other people's life. Well other than cause controversy, and shooting themselves in the foot before any international tournament. They may have some good individual talent but they are a sad excuse for a team. Thus not deserving of the 6th spot let alone top 15th in the world.

Anderson84016d ago

agreed the fifa rankings need to be changed... in what aorl are we better than argentina etc

guigsy4016d ago

Results wise England deserve to be where they are, but not because of their brand of football.

Sahil4016d ago

These rankings doesn't mean that much but have to say Well done Uruguay!

buddymagoo4016d ago

Just like Andy Murray being Ranked 4th in the world, means nothing really apart from maybe that we are a quarter final team which would be true.

krazykombatant4016d ago

This is why the FIFA rankings are a complete and total joke. Really England 6th best team in the world BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA OK. Whatever you say.

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