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Luka Modric to Join Man United

Boss Alex Ferguson has offered Tottenham a £25million fee, rising to £30m based on appearances and success.
Modric, 26, will be handed a four-year deal worth £26m.
His wages of £125,000 a week will put him among the big earners at Old Trafford.
Modric has kept up to date with talks while at Euro 2012 with Croatia and will seal the move on his return.
Spurs held off interest from Chelsea to hold on to the midfielder last year.

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Can't see Tottenham accepting the bid.

ProjectVulcan3633d ago

They have tried to get him to sign a new contract and he refuses. He was clearly disappointed he didn't leave last year seeing Chelsea do what they did.

I doubt they will force him to stay once again if he makes it clear he intends to leave with no champions league football available. United have a good chance this summer.

NewMonday3633d ago

Spurs would love a bidding war, cant see them letting him go on the cheap, ManCity and Cheasea will be very keen

Yi-Long3632d ago

... when offered this kinda money (just like I said they should have sold him last year when Chelsea offered more).

He's a good player when he has a good day, but too often he's a bit too inconsistent.

Not sure why Man Utd would want to splurge that much money on him, especially now that they already bought Kagawa. I feel they can big up much younger and better players for a fraction of the money if they go shopping in another league.
Adam Maher from AZ Alkmaar is a huge talent for example.

ProjectVulcan3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I think he would be a success at United. He is not always consistent, but part of that is the team he is playing with.

United clearly have a better side to start with, and it'll help him being amongst a bunch of stars and talents, just one in the crowd instead of being one of the few really big big names at Spurs and having that pressure.

United are faced with losing Scholes AND Giggs to retirement very soon. Fletcher's career could be over. Anderson's future is uncertain.

In effect, they DO need two new centre midfielders, although Kagawa is more of an ACM than anything and Modric can play deeper.

buddymagoo3632d ago

This is why we need Modric, he is the direct replacement from Scholes.

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Gamer19823632d ago

I agree cybersnake they flat out refused upto 40 million from chelsea last year. What has changed? He still has 2-3 years left on his contract so is going nowhere.

ProjectVulcan3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

What changed? They already convinced him once before to stay last summer. They had already sat down and had talks, and no doubt promised him certain things if he would stay.

This could be his second transfer request in two seasons, and he would force it through now and be even more determined to do so, and even less likely to listen to promises and such that just didn't happen. Spurs COULD force him to stay, but after this season, you KNOW he will no longer listen to pormises and appeasements and he'll be a pain in the ass if he doesn't get his way.

Of course Spurs have a long contract still, but player power is bigger...When it is obvious a player has been unsettled for several seasons now, the pressure only grows. To an inevitable.

Anderson83632d ago

2-3 yrs is nothing he and bale have both said that without champions league they would leave and modric already wants to go so i think they'll accept an offer this summer

1upbro3633d ago

Chelsea offered way more and got turned down..

XboxInnovation3633d ago

We are a year later, Tottenham are not in the CL. Different stance now

1upbro3633d ago

So, in essence, not selling Modric to Chelsea for more money back then was a gamble that did not pay off (no CL)

Gamer19823632d ago

Spurs were not in the CL last year either.

XboxInnovation3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I know Spurs were not in CL last year, I'm just saying they missed out this year. Had they made it in Modric would not be sold, but since they missed and it's a year later, there is a better chance.

I think they were banking on qualifying for CL going into last season.

silvacrest3633d ago

i doubt chelsea want him as much now anyway

Mozilla893633d ago

Even 30 mil is too much for him. I don't see what the fuss is about. He's probably worth 20 mil.

MYSTERIO3603633d ago

I just hope the allure of playing for utd a club that has won numerous european trophies will persuade him to come.

guigsy3633d ago

Can't see Spurs accepting £25 million when they rejected £40 million from Chelsea only a year ago. It will be difficult for them to keep hold of Modric though without Champions League football for a second year running.

Gamer19823632d ago

I agree and there was talks Chelsea offered 30 million for him again before Hazard which was flat out turned down.

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