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Barcelona, Real Madrid Rivalry: Xavi Disrespects Jose Mourinho and Ronaldo

BR - As if the El Clasico rivalry couldn't get any more heated, a verbal jab from a player currently at Euro 2012 is keeping the flames kindling through the summer.

Barcelona and Spain star Xavi Hernandez has been a key component of the success of his club and country over the past several years, and has never been shy about speaking his mind.

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Corepred43634d ago

What a dumbass lol. Isn't the season over?

KingPin3634d ago

spoken like a true sore loser.

asmith23063634d ago

Not very classy. Like him or not Mourinho is one of the best managers the world has seen. For me Messi is the best player in the world but its pathethic not to acknowledge Ronaldo as well. Saying it would be an 'injustice' if anyone else won is stupid.