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Highlights: Ireland 1 – 3 Croatia ( Euro 2012 -- 06/10/2012 )

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(0-1)Mario Mandzukic 3'

(1-1)Sean St Ledger 19'

(1-2)Nikica Jelavic 43'

(1-3)Mario Mandzukic 48'

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PaPa-Slam3892d ago

Such an unexpected result, i personally thought Ireland would easily win the game.

But Croatia really crushed them.

Nes_Daze3892d ago

That second goal was offsides, and there was a penalty not called in Ireland's favor. Both teams seemed pretty leveled on the pitch imo.

GanjaMan3892d ago

fuck knows how they didnt see jelavic was offside (he was a mile off) n yh that was a blatant penalty, should of bin a draw if the assistants did their job properly!

PaPa-Slam3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

can't believe i forgot to mention that in my first comment, That was not just an offside, it was a BIG OFFSIDE. I cannot believe that the Referee failed to see that.

All the Irish player stopped immediately & didn't try to stop the Goal, hoping that the Referee would call (Such a Clear) offside.

Who knows, the result could have been very different if the second Goal was called Offside instead of being counted as a Goal.

GanjaMan3892d ago

them assistants basically fucked the irish over!!

doncorleone3892d ago

It wasn't offside.It came from an horrible clearance attempt in a second ''phase of play'' after the intial offside. Anyway Croatia deserved to win, even thought Ireland were quite unlucky with each goal they allowed...

Nes_Daze3892d ago

I thought I saw an Irish player make contact with the ball before it reached Jelavic, so I had a doubt, but upon watching it a third time I didn't see that. I'll watch it again though it's an interesting play, and it was a very exciting match.

PaPa-Slam3891d ago

Nope, i watched it several time myself, there was no contact between the Ball & any Irish player before Jelavic received the Ball.

asmith23063891d ago

We were beaten by a better team on the night, simple as that.

silvacrest3891d ago

Croatia just looked stronger to be honest

kulka3891d ago

Croatia has a much bigger tradition in football you could see that on the pitch. The movement was better the passing was sharper they looked like a much better team to be honest.

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