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Highlights: France 1-1 England (Euro 2012 - Group D - 11/06/2012)

Lescott 30'

Nasri 39'

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jak3y13oy3890d ago

Quality game!
The ref made some terrible decisions and why didn't he book Cabaye? He made 4 bad fouls and didn't get anything :/
Also I thought The Ox played superb!
I'm happy with the draw to be honest.

Bring on Sweden!

ProjectVulcan3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I said in the preview that i would take a 1-1 and i would, pleased with the result if not everything seen for England. It was important really not to lose, and that is a good job done.

France edged it overall, but not enough to win it IMO. They seemed a little fitter too, its a real concern how tired England were after just 75 minutes. England have things to go work on. France had more possession, but England managed to hold them off quite well. France struggled to get a shot off inside the area, limited to a lot of long range strikes.

England need to try and keep the ball more as always, and feel less tempted to look for a long killer pass. We DO have players that can take people on with feet, Young and Chamberlain and Walcott etc, so we need to resist trying to hoof it.

Some bright points, Welbeck was excellent, everyone worked very hard. Defensively solid. Chamberlain was also very good. I would be very happy to see Young go back to the left, Chamberlain go to the right and have Rooney and Welbeck up front later in the competition.

Thats one thing to hang onto, knowing when Rooney comes back, we can have better threat from the flanks and the centre.

Sahil3889d ago

It was England playing yesterday not Arsenal and Man Utd lol

Nes_Daze3890d ago

England's defense was top-notch, except those last 15 minutes. And what a quality strike from Nasri for the tie, awesome game.

zico3890d ago

Liked what I saw today. When England get Rooney back they maybe will go all the way!

lugia 40003890d ago

1st half: Awesome
2nd half: Boring, teams too scared

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The story is too old to be commented.