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EXCLUSIVE: Balotelli agent blasts UEFA president Platini for being weak on racism

Mario Balotelli’s agent accused UEFA president Michel Platini of being weak on racism the day after the Manchester City striker was abused by Spain fans during Italy’s opening game of Euro 2012.
Balotelli himself has not responded after a minority of Spanish supporters were heard making racist chants during the teams’ 1-1 draw on Sunday.
But his representative, Mino Raiola, hit out at Platini for failing to back  Balotelli when he claimed he would walk off during a game if he heard racist abuse.

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Golden_Dive3886d ago

I feel bad for the lab, every time he touched the ball these money chants came from the ends of the spanish fans...

silvacrest3886d ago

if only it was money chants lol :)

but seriously, some ignorant people just live in the past and refuse to better themselves, plus they just embarrass their entire country buying doing stuff like this

Kinect3885d ago

Big deal, whats wrong with calling a black dude nigga , they call themselves nigga so wats da problem besides mario is an arrogant bitch ..

Golden_Dive3885d ago

I mean if Mario was in front of you , you wouldn't even dare to say that because he'd make sure you ever say it again... lol FUCKING PUSSY

silvacrest3885d ago

ignorant fools like kinect is why racism continues

Nes_Daze3885d ago

It's incredible that we still see such racism in today's world.

Anderson83885d ago

very unfortunate.. uefa have always been soft on racism.. they talk a lot but there's little action

KingPin3885d ago

its not i don't like him coz he's black, i dont like him coz he's an idiot.

and i wouldn't do monkey chants at the guy, thats just insulting to monkeys.